Importance of Primary Education

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Importance of Primary Education

Right to Primary Education is a fundamental right in India.  Free-education is now being provided to every boy and every girl up to the primary level. Every child ought to get quality education. The parents and guardians should understand the value of education and send their children to primary schools. As knowledge of health, hygiene and morals play an essential role in our lives. Elementary learning of well being and cleanliness is an important thing for primary education for keeping the child’s physical well being in good condition. playing and exercising also help to create social skills and participation abilities of the child. Moral education helps to develop sentiments of the child and also helps in developing the ability to see positive outlooks and have a clear point of view. Primary education does not only mean dealing with books and learning but it also highlights the importance of hygiene and good nutrition. We cannot ignore the importance of primary education as it also works for the betterment of poverty issues of a country. In India, child labour has also been banned for the improvement in literacy rate and to make sure that children do not work in difficult and risky conditions. Education has been made free for the people who cannot afford it and are therefore forced to not go to schools .The future of our nation relies on the children of today.


Challenges faced by the education system in a developing nation 


Technology in classrooms can help you experiment more but it can also be a distraction for students. It also stops the children from communicating verbally.


Some schools in developing countries do not even have a classroom which results in not getting proper education.


Children who are poor often tend to be malnourished which affects the brain and its development. Poverty has always been a barrier to schooling.


Some students leave schools due to pressure from their parents so that children can look after their homes while their parents are working.


Quality education has been a major problem in the education system , the lack  dedicated teachers who  take the extra mile to support students emotionally and socially.


What we can do


  • Primary education should be made as much more enjoyable as possible.
  • We should have schools that provide education to children living in villages and not only the urban areas.
  • Schools should also provide training for skills that the students are interested in, for e.g. painting, handicraft.
  • Communication between the teachers and parents should be improved so that children are not forced to choose their  careers.
  • Parents should also have good communication with their children and also they can support them by showing their interest in the child’s participation in school functions, it actually cheers them up.
  • Teachers must always try to inspire their students by regularly asking them about their progresses and interests.
  • Primary age group children love to play, so we should try to excite them with well designed activity rooms.
  • Introducing digital learning will also help in making learning attractive for children. They must also be encouraged to participate in sports and quizzes.
  • Learning apps can also prove to be very enjoyable for children and things can be easy for them to grasp this way.


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