‘Want Youngsters To Be Inspired’: Ravi Dahiya Teams Up with Shiksha Na Ruke by Smile Foundation

Ravi Dahiya teams up with Shiksha Na Ruke

Meeting an Olympian is a dream for millions of youth across the world. Thus, when Olympic medal winner Ravi Dahiya decided to visit a Mission Education centre to meet the children studying there, their joy knew no bounds.

To support the education of underprivileged children, Ravi Dahiya has teamed up with Shiksha Na Ruke campaign by Smile Foundation. This campaign was developed to help those children who lost their access to education during the pandemic. It uses the blended learning approach to ensure that education continues for the most vulnerable children of our country.

Ravi Dahiya teams up with Shiksha Na Ruke

Ravi Dahiya teams up with Shiksha Na Ruke
Ravi Dahiya interacting with Shiksha Na Ruke students

The silver medalist visited one of Smile Foundation’s centres to interact with the children studying there. During his visit, he shared his personal experiences of his journey from a village in Haryana to the Olympic medal in Tokyo. He explained how he battled resource constraint and other difficulties in his quest for excellence. Dahiya shared that unflinching support from his parents was the vital ingredient for his success.

The underprivileged children studying at the Smile centres have all been deeply affected by the pandemic. Their education has come to a grinding halt as they do not have access to gadgets such as mobile phones, tablets, and laptops. ‘Smile Foundation came up with the campaign called “Shiksha Na Ruke” so that all children can continue to dream,’ Dahiya said at the event.

By joining hands with Shiksha Na Ruke, Ravi Dahiya has requested his fans to contribute to the campaign. ‘Please support underprivileged children by funding their education and contribute in providing them devices for uninterrupted digital education,’ he added.

Ravi Dahiya teams up with Shiksha Na Ruke
Ravi Dahiya teams up with Shiksha Na Ruke

Of course, being a professional sportsperson himself, he also understands the importance of sports and holistic development for a child. “I would like to encourage children to start playing a sport. This can help them make a name and strong future for themselves. I would urge people to come forward and help in every possible way so that each child can attend classes and study without difficulty.’

Why Shiksha Na Ruke

Ravi Dahiya has teamed up with Shiksha Na Ruke to support this cause. ‘I hope this campaign will help in increasing awareness about the problems faced by underprivileged children who lack facilities for online education. Through this, I hope to motivate these children to face up to the challenges caused by the pandemic. I want youngsters to be inspired,’ Dahiya said about his association with Shiksha Na Ruke.

Under Shiksha Na Ruke, Smile Foundation provides tools for online education to underprivileged children. This includes smartphones and tablets, as well as data packs. It also creates educational content for delivery through radio, television, and door-to-door visits by its volunteers.

Moreover, Smile also trains teachers for the dynamic digital learning environment and counsels parents to ensure children’s active participation. Additionally, Smile Foundation runs helplines to deliver one-on-one mentoring sessions to children to keep them engaged.

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