Ravi Dahiya teams up with Shiksha Na Ruke

Olympic silver medallist Ravi Dahiya is a source of inspiration for millions. While he has made India proud in the field of sports through his wrestling prowess, he is equally passionate about supporting other causes. Ravi Dahiya has teamed up with Shiksha Na Ruke campaign by Smile Foundation to help the thousands of children who have suffered a setback in their education due to the pandemic.

Children are among the worst affected victims of the pandemic. Underprivileged children are deprived of learning as they do not have the means for online classes. Without laptops and smartphones, the struggle in the lives of these vulnerable children has intensified. The pandemic has brought their education to a halt. But despite everything, they have not given up on their dream of education. Shiksha Na Ruke is a ray of hope for them.

Join hands with Ravi Dahiya to help these little dreamers continue their education.

Why donate?

This pandemic has forced over 6 Million* children to drop off from school. Your contribution can help them reshape their lives by providing for their education.

Shiksha Na Ruke is fueled by your valuable contributions, helping millions of children dream of a future. We help them get access to learning materials, Internet connectivity, laptops, and smartphones to keep the learning alive!

What we do

We help empower underprivileged children with quality education.

How we do it

Shiksha Na Ruke helps these children continue their education through digital initiatives.

Make a difference

3,000 can help a child build a life and add wings to their dreams

Lives benefitted so far

Over 50k+ children have benefitted so far with thousands more to go

Key interventions under Shiksha Na Ruke

Shiksha Na Ruke helps underprivileged children continue their education through digital initiatives.

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