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Since the past few years women have made efficient use of the opportunities given to them and have proved time and again that they are no less as then anyone else. With talks and initiatives on women empowerment on rife 21st century provides women with ample opportunities to excel in whatever field they choose. Be it joining the armed forces or taking up leadership roles in government offices there has been active participation of women in all spheres.


Despite all these opportunities there exists a divide between the women in rural areas and urban areas. The benefits of empowerment have not penetrated into the rural sections of the society. Although there are various women from rural areas who have excelled and gained success but still a lot of them find themselves restricted to household work. These women are waiting for opportunities which can help them succeed in life. In this scenario it is imperative that the concerned authorities provide women with opportunities which would help them support their families.


Along with the focus on empowering women it is crucial to provide women the means to earn. Women in the country are already empowered and the successful implementation of social entrepreneurship initiatives and Self Help groups with women as major stakeholders provide testimony to the fact that women are willing to step out of the confinement of their houses and work for themselves.


What is required is the creation of various employment opportunities through which women can become financially independent. At Smile Foundation we realise the importance of women in the society and through our campaign “SHE CAN FLY” we enable, equip and empower women with quality education, good nutrition and instil in them a sense of self confidence which helps them thrive in the society.


It is high time that people also realise that it is paramount that women get as much opportunities as men and should not be looked down upon. It is essential to provide women with a level playing field so that they can excel. They already have wings. All they need is an open sky to help them fly.


To know more about Smile Foundations initiative on women empowerment, please visit the link https://www.smilefoundationindia.org/swabhiman.html

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