Why Is There a Need to Adapt Technology to Optimize Education?

adapt technology to optimize education

Education has undergone a radical change in the past two years. Depending entirely on classroom learning has become a thing of the past. Technology has become an important aspect of learning. And a future with blended learning is a very real possibility now. Thus, we need to adapt technology to optimize education.

Before the pandemic, we could never fathom that technology could be huge part of education. But as we have all seen and experienced in various aspects of our lives, technology was a boon of sorts when millions of us were locked indoors.

Adapting technology for education has a range of benefits, some of them relevant even in the long run.

Tailored and flexible learning opportunities

Technology allows unrestricted access to educational resources. A student can choose to learn at a time and place that is suitable for them. Moreover, using a mobile device or laptop, classes can be conducted entirely online too. Hybrid learning is possible only due to technology.

Moreover, this allows tailoring of plans for individual students. Teachers can create lessons based on what students are interested in and what their strengths are. They can also learn at their own pace. It is easier for students to review past lessons during self-study as the data is stored. Teachers also use data generated from online activities to offer personalized support to students.

In the traditional teaching environment, students had to rely only on the prescribed course books and what their teachers taught in the classroom. Access to the Internet also gives them access to unlimited resources and information on the web. Almost any question can be answered.

Engaging content, increased curiosity

Content that is engaging can spark inquisitiveness in children. As per research, boosted curiosity is linked to academic success. There are many tools to create engaging content. Augmented reality, videos, and podcasts are a few examples. Integration of technology allows students to experiment with different content formats as well. For instance, an assignment could involve a written component along with a video.

Pictures, videos, and sounds can enhance the educational experience. Using different mediums can help students understand better. Children have shorter attention spans. Use of such technology can ensure that children remain attentive for longer and can learn better.

Better teacher efficiency after adapting technology

Technology can be an additional tool for teachers to impart learning. Teaching a concept through practical examples or audiovisuals can definitely go a long way in better understanding by the students. Moreover, technology can also give teachers access to more information and supplementary teaching materials and methodologies. If used well, the possibilities are endless!

Educational institutions that use technology can also stand to benefit immensely. Reducing the costs of physical instructional materials and teaching, enhancing efficiency, and making the best use of teachers’ time are only some of the benefits.

Armed with practical experience

Most jobs now require one to be well-versed with technology. Getting proper exposure to technology from a young age can ensure that when the time comes, a person has the technical know-how to deal with the requirements of the workplace. Students are thus prepared for the professional space.

How Smile Foundation has adapted technology

Like everyone and everything else, we also had to adapt technology to optimize education. The most significant integration has been in our Mission Education programme. Through the Shiksha Na Ruke initiative that was launched during the pandemic for educating poor children, we have been using blended learning methods to make sure that underprivileged children continue learning. We understand that all children do not have access to smart devices to learn from. Thus, we are also attempting to provide children with tablets or other devices to facilitate learning.


Akanksha Rawat

Akanksha works as Manager, Communication with Smile Foundation.

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