The Earth is all we have in common

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The Earth is all we have in common

The importance of Earth Day lies in the scope of preserving humanity. The improvement that we have in our life now using fossil fuels are slowly melting the ice in the glaciers and instigating global warming at an accelerated rate. That is why it is necessary to use renewable energy and stored energy. By moving away from harmful bio products, the environment can be restored to its natural order.


We appreciate the uniqueness of the planet Earth with its immense biodiversity through Earth Day. On this day we come forward to ensure that various activities are supervised to understand and protect our biodiversity and also to save our nature – plants, animals and environment.


We dedicate this day to increase awareness about the issues and the problems that our planet Earth is facing. Today, millions of people participate in activities in Earth Day to maintain and safeguard our nature making it the largest civic observance in the world. Various acts and policies such as Clear Air Act, Clean Water Act, Endangered Species Act and many others are sanctioned in this unique event.


People have been witnessing the increased global warming and changing weather patterns, shortage of food and increase in fuel prices which is why Earth Day has gained significance in the past. Acknowledging the importance of our planet is very much needed which makes people aware about the contemporary environment issues such as global warming, depleting resources etc. Even adults and kids are conscious about the strategies and tactics which can be adopted by them in day-to-day life to ensure cleaner and sustainable environment.


Various approach have been bought forward to notice about recycling, reduce air pollution, keeping clean environment, save water, reduce toxins in air, protect and love animals who inhabit the earth. There are small ideas which can create a huge impact such as – planting a tree, switching off light when not in use, use recyclable bags for grocery shopping etc.


Now even companies are getting engaged and contributing in their part to save this planet from pollution and degradation. They are asking their employees to make use of public transportation, car pooling to reduce pollution, switching off AC when not in use, engage in tele or video conferencing, using of CFL Lights and bulbs, using renewable source to generate power etc.


Companies have started manufacturing and selling hybrid vehicles which run on electricity and batteries that do not make use of petrol or diesel to run. This new technologies are coming in par the fuel prices making these cars and vehicles more efficient to use.


If we start implementing in some of these and bring changes in our behaviour towards Mother Earth, then we would be able to make our planet a much better place to live in – also for the future generations.

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