Teaching children the universal language: Kindness

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Teaching children the universal language: Kindness

Kindness is a global religion, it is a language understood by all. In a world filled with different world views, it is kindness which brings us all together.


Every year November 13, is seen and celebrated as the World Kindness Day. The day is celebrated with the aim of spreading kindness through small gestures and creating a positive environment. It is celebrated to end the notion of hate against each other and to promote peace.


Be it volunteering with an organization to teach underprivileged children, helping the poor by providing them with basic requirements, feeding a stray, helping a specially abled cross the road; every act of kindness matters in this world filled with inequalities.



Smile on Wheels doctors, nurses and volunteers have been helping the poor and underserved before and throughout the pandemic. These brave-hearts travel to the most remote and rural locations in the country to provide relief in the form of free and accessible doorstep healthcare services. All precautions are being taken and to ensure safety for all.



During the pandemic new mothers and young girls from underprivileged families faced a hard time. To take care of a new born in conditions when unemployment was rampant and a lot of misinformation was spread, navigation through first days of motherhood posed a great challenge for many. For young girls it was difficult to obtain sanitary pads, counselling about menstruation and proper information about nutrition. But ground workers from the Swabhiman programme came as messiahs for these underprivileged women and girls. They helped them understand the basics of caring for a child, the precautions to be taken to keep oneself and the newborn safe from Covid-19 and also provided girls with sanitary napkins and counselling.



Teachers had a difficult time during the lockdown; to learn to teach through online mediums and to constantly encourage children to keep them motivated became a huge task for them. But their zeal to serve and educate children in any way possible kept them going. Mission Education teachers from all over the country helped the students with their studies through online mediums and later through cluster classes, constantly holding their hands in every step of the way.


With have many such great examples in our everyday society; of people who show kindness in various forms. These are the people whose examples can inspire children to be kind and teach others the language of kindness.


To know more about Smile Foundation visit https://www.smilefoundationindia.org/

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