School-A privilege for most, a dream for many!

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School-A privilege for most, a dream for many!

In the span of our entire lifetime, some of the most amazing memories and times that we spend is what we spent back in school. Right from the classroom to the playground, the stories are never ending. School is a place which teaches us to dream big, take a step out into the world and face the challenges the world throws at us.


Looking back at my school days, I recall all those moments which are filled with happiness; and those little pleasures of childhood days. From appreciations to punishments, extra classes to bunking classes, stealing lunch boxes to sharing them, playing cricket with friends to copying their homework, enjoying activities & hobbies to stressing over writing exams. This is the childhood that every child dreams of. For the privileged lot, school is where our noble teachers not only teach literature, math, science, et al but also inculcate necessary perspectives of human life-to mould us into responsible human beings.


Contrary to this. more than a million children suffer everyday; and only dream of going to school. Engaged in child labour- selling balloons at traffic signals, knocking on car windows to beg and facing exploitation is their reality. Beds, warm food and a home is just something for them to imagine. The streets are their home and the ways of the street, their culture- sans teachers and classmates, big playgrounds or homework.


As responsible human beings, there is a responsibility we have- a very important one at that. Our generation is possible the only one that can help fix the social gap between the lesser privileged and the privileged. While a timely meal and some clothes are surely going to give them momentary happiness, it is not enough. It does not help bridge inequalities in the long run or even empower them. Thorough efforts should be made to sensitize the people who have better opportunities. Taking baby steps, children should be the first ones to be sensitized. The younger they learn to be responsible and the value of helping and giving back, the quicker the nation walks towards the path of total empowerment.


Let’s all teach and nurture the generation of youngsters and turn them into significant change makers. So that no child in future has to dream about holding a pen, or going crazy on a sheet of drawing paper with bright colors. Let’s work towards empowering each and every child, and enable each of them to hold on to their freedom and run amok under the azure sky towards a bigger, better and brighter future.


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