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Run for a Cause: Delhi Half Marathon 2023 for Social Change

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Run for a Cause: Half Marathon for Social Change

Marathon as an athletic event traces its origins to ancient Greece. The first recorded marathon occurred in 490 BCE during the Battle of Marathon. The story goes that a messenger named Pheidippides ran from the town of Marathon to Athens, approximately 26 miles (42 kilometers), to deliver the news of the Greek victory over the Persians.

According to legend, Pheidippides arrived in Athens, proclaimed the victory, and then collapsed and died from exhaustion. This event is often cited as the inspiration for the modern marathon race.

The first organized marathon race as we know it today took place during the modern Olympic Games. The marathon was introduced to the Olympic Games during the Athens Olympics in 1896, commemorating the legendary run of Pheidippides.

Since then, the marathon has become one of the most iconic and popular events in the Olympic Games and other major athletic competitions worldwide. It’s also widely run as a standalone race and has grown into a symbol of endurance, determination, and the human spirit.

Running has evolved beyond mere exercise and competition. It has transformed into a powerful tool for raising awareness and awareness for social causes. It has become a means of expressing solidarity and empathy for causes that matter. The act of lacing up one’s running shoes is now synonymous with taking a stand for change.

Why Run for Smile in the Delhi Half Marathon 2023?

Smile Foundation partners with thoughtful corporates and they run together in marathons all across the country every year for social causes that matter to the dedicated partners.

At the heart of this initiative lies the empowerment of marginalised families. Running for a cause adds depth and meaning to every step taken on the track. Participants know that their strides directly contribute to improving the lives of countless children. It’s not just a race against time; it’s a race against social inequities.

Running alongside like-minded individuals and corporations fosters a sense of unity and shared purpose. The Delhi Half Marathon 2023 is a platform where people from diverse backgrounds come together, transcending differences for the greater good.

Beyond the physical act of running, this event serves as a catalyst for raising awareness and funds. The Delhi Half Marathon 2023 exemplifies how ordinary individuals can come together to create extraordinary impact. It’s a reminder that every step counts, and collectively, we can race toward a more equitable future.

Join Smile Foundation in the journey of running with purpose, and together, let’s sprint toward a world where every individual has access to education, healthcare, and a chance at a deliciously good life.

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