New year, new beginnings…

New year, a time of all things new. It marks the end of the previous year and makes you welcome the next one with enthusiasm and hopes. At this point, we just take a look back at how the year went, from the enjoyable moments to some of the sad ones, from our achievements to things we could’ve worked hard upon, from our dreams to how they turned out.

It’s a great time for celebrating, with families and friends. We dance, eat and enjoy as we welcome the coming year. It’s a good time to meet up with friends and with people, we’ve lost touch. Also, a chance to make new friends.

With the new year, comes a set of resolutions, a tradition going on from centuries. We take note of the things we want to improve upon or get started with which we realized we didn’t do the last year. For me, being a teenager its the resolution of improving my grades and working hard to achieve the academic success I desire. It takes time and patience along with dedication, and I aim to give it all this year. Along with this, a resolution which concerns me becoming more health conscious. A healthy body and mind are essential for healthy living.

I also want to be more socially active, not over social media but interact with people in real life and connect with them. It’s a sad point, but somehow this generation tends to be worked up more about their social image than actually participating in social events. I hope to spend more time with my family and friends. It’s never too late to learn new skills and broaden your horizons, as the saying goes, ‘a new year comes with new beginnings.’ I also want to volunteer more in developmental organizations and help those who I can. It always feels good to contribute towards your community in every little way you can.

So here’s to a great beginning to 2019, filled with high hopes and aspirations, may it indeed be a great year…


Kritee Agarwal

Kritee is an avid volunteer at Smile Foundation, studying in Class XI pursuing commerce with maths. She's a dreamer, travel enthusiast and music lover driven to make the most of life that she can.

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