Let’s Nurture Every Girl Child; They Too Deserve to Fly High!

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Let’s nurture every girl child; they too deserve to fly high!
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  • Let’s Nurture Every Girl Child; They Too Deserve to Fly High!

It is a misconception that only the first child or the grown up women from uneducated or backward segments of the society face the dominate challenge of inequality. The challenges faced by the modern women cut across all such social dynamics.


The way I see it, the genesis of this goes back in time to the rock age where the strength of the males was required to hunt and feed the family. As time went by, the male domination conditioned by historical practices molded the social norms to continue.


Having said this, India was perhaps the only civilisation that reflected practices of knowledge, dignity and awareness of the feminine strength which play an integral part in weaving the social fiber of a healthy society – be it Maa Ambe symbolising strength, Maa Saraswati symbolising wisdom or Maa Laxmi symbolising abundance/prosperity. All our divines from mythologies who gave us indication of how evolved our ancient society were evolved and matured.


Unfortunately we let this heritage get lost over time and went to the other extremes of social hypocrisy where the women of our land had their wings clipped simply while making knowledge the domain of males. With the advent of technology and higher awareness along with the means of spirited individuals and organisations, we are seeing this balance tilting for the better like never before there is a long way to go.


Starting from when a child is in the womb, the desire of a male child over a female and all the atrocities linked to this has to go. Till the time parents do not focus on this one phase of their lives, the child’s education, nurturing, ideologies, self – esteem, aspirations and visions will continue to contaminate. This awareness of welcoming the girl child with love, joy and open arms will create a fertile ground which is the best for physical, mental and emotional growth of a girl child.


I speak from my experience coming from a family that gave me a freedom of choice with love and understanding, which in turn gave me the wings and strength to face life and FLY HIGH!

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