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What can children learn from the Football World Cup 2022?

As schools shut down to stop the spread of Coronavirus millions of children around the world got displaced from their schools. Everything that a child has to do in his/her life now has to happen from inside the house for an uncertain period of time and parents have had to find ways to smoothly transition kids into at-home life. Parents are faced with the difficulty of keeping their children engaged not only in school-work but also in extra-curricular activities to help them cope with the situation. The biggest challenge that most parents are facing is to keep children off-screens after the completion of online-classes. The pandemic and lockdown has been hard on both children and their parents, the need to find common ground for self-care along with caring for the children is of primary importance. There are various ways to make the best of the situation.


Making a routine


 Children are used to following a schedule, so making a routine for the day for various activities will help everything fall into place. Routines help parents monitor screen time of a child on an everyday basis and plan out different activities which will allow parents to enjoy time with their kids and also help in keeping children engaged.





Gardening is a great learning and fun activity. It helps children learn about where food comes from, and how things grow. Gardening helps in sensory development of children and is a great way to teach responsibility and patience. Re-growing vegetables from scraps helps in building scientific temper and curiosity in children. It is also relaxing for children in many ways easing the anxiety of lockdown.


Exercising or Practicing Yoga



One of the easiest and healthiest parents can do with children is to practice Yoga or exercise with them daily. Both activities are great for improving overall health and keep the energy levels high a necessity during these times! Physical activity is good not only for physical well-being, but also for mental health, attention and focus. It is also a great opportunity to teach children the importance of having and maintaining good health.

Art and Craft



Engaging in arts and craft activities provide children with a unique and fun opportunity to learn and create. Many children express through art, which help parents get a better insight into how their child is feeling and also makes children more creative and productive.

Reading with Children



Apart from books in the curriculum children should also be encouraged to read story-books. Stories help build imagination and creative though in children. Reading for children and with children is a great way to bond and also help them build their vocabulary.


Other activities like encouraging children to write stories help them make use of their imagination, asking them to help around the kitchen while baking or cooking, learning a new language and following a new hobby like bird watching can also help children cope with little or no socialization with their peers and staying indoors while also bonding with their parents and siblings.


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