Effective Fundraising Training by Change the Game Academy

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Effective Fundraising Training by Change the Game Academy

Change the Game Academy is training social entrepreneurs to turn them into changemakers and better leaders for tomorrow. The Virtual Classroom on Local Fundraising focuses on effective fundraising training for non-profits. It will also teach the social entrepreneurs the importance of support and funding base to ensure long-term sustainability.


About the training


The association with Light for the World (LfW) began with a Leaders’ Workshop on 18 October 2021. The participants consist of five Indian partners of LfW. This training will help these leaders to acquire knowledge and skills to diversify their resource and support base. It will also help them understand how they can achieve credibility and sustainability by developing local fundraising event plans.


The  Virtual Classroom Course on Local Fundraising began with a Leaders’ Workshop on 18 October 2021. The focus was to help them understand the importance of local fundraising. In today’s scenario, it is important to learn how to develop fundraising ideas.  In the days to come, it is going to become crucial for the non-profit sector to increase their support and funding base. This can help them move towards sustainability and bringing change at the grassroot level.


A five-day training session from 25-29 October 2021 will be held.


Objective of the LFR Training


This Virtual Classroom Course on Local Fundraising is being organised for social entrepreneurs. These are endeavoring partners working to bring change at the grassroots level. They are using community welfare initiatives in different parts of the country. This training on LFR is meant for those who lead grassroots initiatives. It will help these entrepreneurs understand the importance and usefulness of local fundraising initiatives.


There many sustainable ways of raising funds. Effective communication, strong leadership, good governance, transparency and accountability are some of these ways, which will taught over the course of the training.


At the end of the course, participants will be able to assess their learning level on the subject and lay down their expectations for future action. The course will help them to enhance their learning on the subject and to inculcate the skill set to apply their learning. CtGA will also help them draw up a tentative local fundraising plan, which will be relevant to their area, nature, and context of work.


The partners receiving fundraising training


The five partners in the programme all belong to the North-East region of India. Each of these partners work in various arenas of social development at the grassroots level.


Shishu Sarothi


Shishu Sarothi had modest beginnings in 1987. There were just two children, a trained professional, and a small group of parents and volunteers. Over the last three decades, it has become a leading regional institution. They now serve thousands of children with disabilities from North-East India and beyond. Along the way, it has managed to strike a successful balance between service delivery and a rights-based approach to disability. The core services of the organisation include the domains of health and education and advocacy of rights of persons with disabilities.


Bethany Society


Bethany Society (BS) is a non-profit, secular, charitable society founded in 1981 in the state of Meghalaya. The organisation’s vision is to improve the quality of life of the most vulnerable sections of society. There is special focus on those residing in remote rural communities. They form partnerships with people and communities in order to create opportunities which empower and lead to security of health, food, livelihoods and shelter.


They work on collaborative projects with like-minded NGOs and government agencies for greater impact. Formation of village-level self-help and advocacy groups, working to create livelihoods, and innovations in climate-resilient technologies are part of their grassroots work. Their programmes are organised across 600 villages in Meghalaya with hubs in Shillong and Tura.


Bosco Reach Out


Bosco Reach Out (BRO) is the official social development organization of the Salesians of

Don Bosco, Guwahati. Since its foundation in 1983, it has undertaken various programmes, particularly in community development.  Their interventions in rural development activities concentrate on forming and empowering self-help groups (SHGs).


BRO visualizes a self-sustaining, self-reliant, and dignified community where people live responsibly, striving for a just, equal, and harmonious society. They seek to achieve integrated development through empowerment of people by enabling them to build people’s organizations and enhancing their capacities to utilize their resources.


Franciscan Clarist Congregation


They work in the Bongaigaon district of Assam running a residential cum day-care center for children. They run the only school in the district for children with disabilities. Their programmes work towards social inclusion and mainstreaming of disabled children in the community and enable them to fight for their rights and entitlements. They also provide various interventions for home-based rehabilitation support and therapeutic interventions and training opportunities for income generation to support themselves and their families. All these programmes are carried out with the objective of helping them make their own futures.


Caritas India CBR


The CBR Forum is based in Bangalore. It has emerged from a small organisation in 1996 with a few

projects to a big centre for CBR. It has now been fully integrated with Caritas India. This organization works for the rehabilitation and inclusion of persons with disabilities in rural India. CI-CBR sensitizes the local communities towards persons with disabilities and their families. It plays an active role in facilitating their inclusion in the daily life of the community.

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