Education: The Strong Foundation Our Future Needs

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Education: The strong foundation our future needs
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  • Education: The Strong Foundation Our Future Needs

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”
-Nelson Mandela

Education and knowledge building are the most important tools we humans have at our disposal, that has helped us to remain at the forefront of technology, and innovations since the beginning of time – Education! 

Transferring the wealth of knowledge, gained over the centuries by humanity, as a whole has led to constant inventions, and plays an important role, in shaping the individual, and the world as we know it today.


At the core level, it helps an individual in forming opinions and a point of view. It is essential for an individual to possess a skill, that helps them earn a living in today’s world, and the right to acquire this skill is a basic right, that shouldn’t be denied. In this way, a person can live independently and truly enjoy freedom. It also helps an individual, to make decisions based on a correct, and calculated evaluation of the things, thereby fostering a more civil society. 

Children are the future and should be taught to protect the earth, from the harms that mankind has brought upon it. Education is also a way to bring people from different cultures together, and help people understand each other better thereby promoting social harmony and peace. 

An educated person earning an honest living is welcomed and respected in society, and this is something we should all strive to achieve. Education builds character and boosts creativity, and good people, make a good world in the long run.


Individuals make up a society, and a society made up of educated individuals is bound to have access to better lifestyles. Countries with higher rates of literacy and access to high-quality education have higher employment rates, better technologies, and prosperous economies. 

A good education system is the backbone of society. Without it, countries may cripple, and economic growth stagnates. Educated individuals are better equipped to make political decisions, that will shape the nation for a better, and prosperous future.


An educated society also overcomes social evil discriminations like gender inequality. Women are half of the available workforce in the world, and bringing them to the forefront would double the progress and ease the burden on the current workforce.


The leaders of tomorrow are shaped and inspired today, and it is our responsibility to help them learn and grow. It is our duty to educate grassroots communities about the importance of educating their children. 

At the end of the day, education truly is the investment that pays the best interest. In 2019, we should all make it a point to help in this endeavor of spreading knowledge for the betterment of mankind. Every little drop counts in this ocean. It starts with a single child. It starts with you and me.

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