Education Survey 2022: Smile Foundation, Part 5

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Education Survey 2022: Smile Foundation, Part 5
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When learner suffers a failure, we must get them to success as quickly as possible to restore their confidence in their capabilities.”- Rick Stiggins


With this thought in our mind, after the COVID-19, when school opened, we at Mission Education thought to conduct an Education Survey 2022  to understand what teachers, students and parents have in mind about school readiness, about mode of learning, what challenges they have faced and how they overcame them.


Education Survey 2022


Our team on ground talked with teachers, educators and parents and gathered the data. When we processed the data we found out some interesting facts under Education Survey 2022–   


  1. According to the teachers, less than 50% of children have been able to cope with the learning over the last 2 years and are only now able to catch up on their age-appropriate learning. 
  2. 58% of the teachers were of the opinion that children have missed social skills and get distracted easily. Their attention span has decreased considerably. 
  3. 90% of the teachers are willing to learn new practices to help children cope with learning gaps. 
  4. Parents have started getting more involved in their children’s education with 47% of the view that there is an increased interaction between them and teachers in schools as well as over calls.
  5. 38% parents started interacting with teachers by visiting schools.
  6. There is a 27% increase of attendance in PTMs.
  7. 50% of the parents interviewed felt the absence of digital learning resources like devices, networks, and data packs made the learning experience inadequate for the children during the pandemic.
  8. 31% of parents’ most preferred modes of learning during the pandemic were direct classes in offline mode or cluster classes.
  9. 20% felt worksheets and visits by the teachers were very convenient and useful.
  10. 67% of the parents felt that the children’s learning was not effective during the school closure due to the pandemic.
  11. 69% of parents believe children need more support in Math and English to cope with age appropriate learning levels.
  12. There is a lot of change in the parent’s keenness among children post pandemic, 58% of parents increased their interactions with children trying to understand what they have learnt in schools.
  13.  26% of parents also started spending some quality time with children.


Filling in the Gaps In Education


With these findings of Education Survey 2022, we analysed deeply the further course of action and to streamline the education of students left behind due to COVID-19 and to equip teacher with skills to deal with students in a better manner through providing teacher capacity building workshops, promoting child centric activities i.e. activity based learning, experiential learning, promoting social emotional development for student wellbeing etc & engagement of parents for ownership in child’s learning process. 


The COVID-19 brought many challenges but it also brought opportunities to equip our teachers and students with next generation skills and resources. We need to work to provide better education for our next generation as said by Confucius, ”Education breeds confidence, Confidence breeds hope, Hope breeds peace.”

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