Building a sustainable environment for women

We must always nourish leadership abilities of women for their development. They must always be upheld.
Women’s lives are improving at a good rate now, girls are being educated, hence literacy rate of women is increasing, their life expectancy is also increasing and they are earning members of the society. Women are making contributions from taking care of their families to bringing an income into the household. Laws are being made to protect them. To attain a sustainable environment for them we need to improve the provision of health services, make sure they get quality education, promote their employment, ensure the availability of good quality sanitation.

Improving health care may include essential care of newborns, they must be given proper vaccinations and must be kept clean. All health facilities must have proper medications, hygiene and sanitation. The staff providing care  must be fully trained to do so. Services must also be provided at home. Women must also be encouraged to have routine check ups.

Educating girls would bring economic development. It also would improve health and well being  of families. Education also helps them to protect themselves from trafficking. Literate women can express their concerns towards development and can also bring community change. Education also helps girls to protect themselves from  contagious diseases like HIV.

In the labour market, women still face many barriers and are denied the opportunities of employment because of this. Companies must hire more and more women. We must also try to create safe and friendly working conditions for women,  they must be confident that they will not have to face  sexual harassment. They must be provided equal opportunities as men for better productivity.

Most of the women living in rural areas practice open defecation which affects their overall well being while women who have adequate sanitation have better health. As a result, healthier women work more productively.we can spread awareness through campaigns and we can demand for toilets. Making women aware of the side effects of not having proper sanitation and living in unhygienic conditions could make them worried about their health and they may then take action.

If women are empowered, encouraged for leadership and given equal opportunities as men, economies overall will grow. Women support their households, while taking care of their family and generate income.


Ishani Gupta

Ishani is volunteering for Smile Foundation and is a brilliant student from Amity University, Kolkata. She has completed her honours in English and History and also has hands on experience on history, culture and archaeology

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