Are mid day meals the way to bring back children to school?

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Are mid day meals the way to bring back children to school?
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  • Are mid day meals the way to bring back children to school?

Many a times we notice poor children begging on the streets, sitting on pavements or just roaming around. A sense of pity strikes in but hardly do we ever ask ourselves some rational questions about their health, needs and education. These children did not wish for and do not deserve the kind of life they lead. For them life is a struggle for even the basic necessities such as food, clothing etc. Most of these children are malnourished due to lack of proper food.


Education and Health; the most important facets of life are largely ignored. Even one meal a day is a struggle for them. Their right to education is taken away from them because going to school will not fetch them anything. Their parents usually withdraw them from schools to earn some extra money and support their family. This messes up with their education and their careers are just reduced to doing odd jobs for their entire lives.


Here steps in the role of schemes like the MID DAY MEAL. Under the scheme the students in primary and upper primary classes are given free lunch in schools in order to induce more and more students to attend schools. When earning a day’s food is a struggle free lunch at school is motivating enough for the parents to send their children to schools. This ensures that the children get proper education and it also relieves their parents of the responsibility to give their children food.


The food served at schools is prepared keeping in mind the health and nutrition standards. It helps to fight the problem of malnourishment by ensuring that the food has the required nutrients.  The scheme helps to increase enrolment of children in schools, improves attendance and the health standards of the children. Not only does the scheme help the children but it also creates employment. Many women are employed for preparing food in schools. In this way it also leads to women empowerment.


The scheme has emerged a game changer largely benefitting the underprivileged people. Through schemes like these and their successful implementation India can triumphantly climb the ladder of social empowerment. It will provide a level playing field to all the sections of the society wherein everyone would be open to opportunities and excel in whatever field one chooses.


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