5 Ways to Make Your New Year Celebrations Meaningful This Year

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5 ways to make your New Year celebrations inclusive and more meaningful this year

New Year 2023 is almost here. Everyone is in a festive mood and is looking forward to the new year. The new year is often welcomed with resolutions and new hopes. This year, you can also bring hope and joy in others’ lives. You can do this by making your new year celebrations meaningful and inclusive by donating to a NGO for child education.

There are many people out there who are struggling because of their circumstances. Imagine if you can bring a smile on their face through a small effort. It can be a simple new year donation or a volunteering effort. Let’s look at the ways in which you can spread smiles this New Year 2023.

Donate for Child Education

Children are the future of the world. Millions of children do not have access to good quality education even today. You can gift someone the most precious thing this new year by donating to an NGO for child education. You can sponsor a child’s education and transform many lives that are connected to them.

At the same time, you can take out time and teach underprivileged children. There are many volunteering opportunities available. But you can also do it on your own by committing to take our one hour from your week. It will surely be a gratifying experience.

Buy from Local Vendors

While you think of shopping for your new year party, you can consider local vendors. There are probably dozens of small vendors around you who are working hard to make ends meet. All you need to do is go out and shop for your party needs from them. It can be ethnic clothes or traditional food, a touch of local culture can make your new year 2023 exciting.

The local vendors have been hit hard because of Covid-19 and the tough economic circumstances. All they need is someone to buy their products so that they can support their families. While the convenience of online shopping is enticing, your little effort can have a strong impact.

You can also look for online causes which support local vendors, artisans, and traditional artists by connecting them with the customers. You can buy your new year gifts from them and support them.

Donate Warm Clothes

Another way of helping others this new year is by donating warm clothes or blankets for those who need them. The cold weather can be cruel for many who live on the streets or do not have appropriate facilities to protect them from harsh winters.

You can also donate your old clothes so that they can benefit someone who really needs them. There are many ways to do this. You can either do it on your own by finding people around you. Or you can also donate online through digital campaigns.

Think about the Strays

New Year also brings low temperatures, especially in the northern part of India. Apart from the people, animals also suffer because of this. The stray animals in India suffer because of complete disregard and also cruelty of some people.

You can help them by feeding them or providing them warm covering. The animals do not speak but it does not mean they should be left to suffer in silence. You can also support causes that help stray animals or those animals who are injured or rescued.

Support a Charity

There are several charities out there that are helping the underprivileged. Whether it is a cause to end hunger or to provide livelihood opportunities to the poor, there are many new year charity ideas that you can look for. You can also opt to support a crowdfunding initiative to put your new year donation to a good use. Also, another way to donate online is by directly supporting someone in need.

All you have to do is to find a cause that is close to your heart and support them by donating a small amount. This will make your new year celebrations special and will brighten someone else’s day. It can be an amount as small as buying a coffee or anything that you can afford.

There are many charities that run digital fundraising campaigns. You can also check SMILE Foundations’ digital campaigns and make a donation as per your wish. A small step like this can go a long distance.

In a few days, we are going to usher in a new year. It is also special because the world is finally coming back to normalcy after fighting the Covid-19 pandemic. While the aftereffects of the global unrest and the pandemic persist, there is still a silver lining.

We can give the same hope to others who are in dire need for it. So, this new year, consider celebrating in an inclusive and meaningful manner. Donate to a NGO for child education online, support someone in need, and spread smiles.

Smile Foundation hopes this New Year is all about new beginnings and new opportunities for you.

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