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Tuesday Giving: A Midweek Boost of Philanthropy

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Tuesday Giving: A Midweek Boost of Philanthropy
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  • Tuesday Giving: A Midweek Boost of Philanthropy

In a world often bustling with the demands of modern life, the concept of giving back has found a unique and impactful niche – Tuesday Giving. This midweek philanthropic movement has gained momentum, offering a refreshing pause for generosity amid the weekday hustle.

When did it all start?

In 2012, the 92nd Street Y in New York, in collaboration with the United Nations Foundation, introduced Giving Tuesday. The idea stemmed from the aspiration that, following days of extensive sales and heightened consumerism, there would be a collective interest in giving back.

Reflecting on the origins, Rob Reich, a professor of political science and philosophy at Stanford actively involved in the development of Giving Tuesday, recalled, “I remember [92nd Street Y director] Henry Timms saying, ‘All the days of the week are going to be taken, we should grab Tuesday.’”

Their foresight proved accurate. #GivingTuesday quickly gained viral traction, and now, 11 years later, its impact is more profound than ever.

Since its inception in 2012, Giving Tuesday has spurred nonprofits across the United States, and eventually globally including Smile Foundation, to organize fundraisers and events, leveraging the branding and hashtag affiliated with this impactful movement

Significance of Tuesday Giving

  1. Finding Consistency in Chaos: Tuesday, strategically placed midweek, provides a designated time for people to reflect on their blessings and extend a helping hand to those in need.
  2. Boosting Morale: With the weekend still on the horizon, Tuesday Giving injects a sense of purpose and goodwill into the workweek. Acts of kindness, whether big or small, have the power to uplift spirits and foster a positive work culture.
  3. Fostering Community Engagement: By encouraging individuals to give back on a specific day, Tuesday Giving fosters a sense of community engagement. Shared acts of kindness create a ripple effect, inspiring others to join the movement and amplify its impact.

Brands and Giving

  1. Incorporating Social Responsibility: Many brands have embraced Tuesday Giving as part of their broader social responsibility initiatives. By aligning their actions with a designated day, these brands communicate a consistent commitment to making a positive impact.
  2. Collaborations and Partnerships: Brands often collaborate with nonprofits and charitable organizations to amplify the impact of Tuesday Giving. Through partnerships, they extend their reach and resources, addressing pressing issues and contributing to long-term solutions.
  3. Employee Engagement Programs: The day has become a cornerstone of employee engagement programs. Brands recognize the value of encouraging their teams to participate in acts of kindness, promoting a sense of unity and shared purpose among employees.


Tuesday Giving has evolved from a simple idea to a powerful movement, reminding us all of the importance of regular acts of kindness. As individuals and brands continue to incorporate this concept into their social agendas, Tuesday is transforming into a day not just marked by productivity but by the collective effort to make the world a better place—one Tuesday at a time.

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