The Importance of Education

importance of education

We live in a world where the importance of education is on a constant rise. In today’s world, educated and skilled individuals have better conditions and more successful lives. A good education is necessary for every individual to move forward in life and to earn respect in society. The job market is also focused on hiring freshers who have knowledge in specific fields. A lack of good education not only affects their life but the overall development of the country too. Every educated individual focuses on how and what to do for the betterment of society and the nation.

If students educate themselves at the right stages of life, it will improve their chances of reaching long-term goals. Value education plays a big part in dictating their betterment and their social status in future. If we educate children well and train them in a specific field, it will help them build a successful life. Children can follow their dreams with the aid of proper education.

Cons of lacking education

Uneducated people can never be fully aware of their responsibilities towards other human beings and to the world as a whole. As humans, we have to give back to the society we live in and make it a better place for everyone to live in. Proper education teaches a person to think beyond their personal interests. It also helps them develop the ability to make the world a happier, safer place for the next generation.

One of the key points of importance of education today stems from the fact that diverse skills provide greater opportunities for creativity in the workforce. Technology has changed the face of education. With this, students can use digital advancements to gain a holistic understanding of their chosen field of interest. They also learn to develop an awareness of the prevailing issues and contribute to improving it.

Mission Education showing the importance of education for all

Mission Education is one such programme of Smile Foundation. It is committed to providing basic education and healthcare to underprivileged children to help follow their dreams. With quality education and innovative learning for many children in different regions, we support the betterment of their life.

This pandemic brought many challenges in the education, teaching, and learning process. During this period, lots of underprivileged children have not been able to get access to good education and learning process. This is because most people have been afraid to work on the ground.

In these difficult times, we still feel proud. At Smile, we have been working with a lot of children and working for their better future.

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Likhith KR

Likhith K.R. is a Project Coordinator for Smile Foundation's Mission Education Outreach in Bangalore.

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