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Major Problems of Women Education in India

We educate women because it is smart. We educate women because it changes the world. – Drew Faust

Our attention is instantly drawn to the issue of women’s education in India. Due to conservative traditionalism, the standing of women has always been viewed next to than that of men in our nation.

Because of the reliance of women on males for financial support (families didn’t think its important to provide education to girls), they were mostly seen as subservient to men. Despite the fact that women are now increasingly accorded the same status as males, the majority of them continue to live in abject ignorance. More women than men suffer from ignorance and illiteracy, and this scourge is particularly pervasive in rural areas and underdeveloped communities.

Role of Indian Women

Women have a crucial role in fostering civic virtues, reviving the economy, and enacting social changes, as is becoming increasingly clear. Recently, more emphasis is placed on their education due to the rapidly changing situations in the nation. Despite several commissions and committees being occasionally created who give recommendations to address the issues with of women education, several issues still persist in that area.

The primary issues with their schooling are:

(i) An appropriate curriculum for women education

(ii) Lack of social awareness in women

(iii) A lack of female teachers

(iv) Absence of adequate physical infrastructure

(v) Unwillingness of female instructors to work in remote locations;

(vi) Financial challenges

(vii) Transportation issue

(viii) Issue of stagnation and waste

(ix) Issue with co-education

(x) Lack of excitement and attention on the part of the education officials

Problems of Girl Child Education in India

The education of women and girls is essential to the prosperity of a country. The actions done to advance and broaden their education should not be neglected for want of funds. It must be kept in mind that there is still a significant achievement disparity between the schooling of boys and girls, and that in India, the mother serves as the central character of the home. She is essential to our way of life. Therefore, it is crucial that the programmes incorporated for women and girls remain in place.

There is a close connection between the educational process, social and economic life of a nation. Every woman should receive training on how to earn a decent livelihood and life her life to her fullest potential.

In a nation as impoverished as India, there should be zero tolerance for training waste. In recent years, Indian women have experienced a significant awakening. Women’s education is progressing gradually in spite of all barriers and challenges.

They are starting to have an impact on world events. Equal rights are demanded across the nation. In fact, it is pretty evident that there is a huge difference in the education levels of men and women, which has to be closed as quickly as possible.

Our daughters are extremely gifted mentally, physically and emotionally, but these talents must be nurtured and maintained until they reach their full potential as brainy women who look beautiful because of their relentless efforts and perseverance.

Smile Foundation and Women Empowerment

There may be a broader list of problems of girl child education in India that affect how women and girls participate in schools. But India is doing everything in its power to change the numbers. Women won’t stay behind anymore.

Smile Foundation has its own strategy to combat the challenges faced by women in education. It is doing a lot of work to promote women empowerment.