Role of Youth in Nation Building

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Role of Youth in Nation Building

No nation can imagine themselves without the vitality of its youth population.

Young kids are crucial because they are the foundation of our future. They are our partners today, but they’ll become our leaders tomorrow. Young people are excited and energised. They are able to pick up new skills and adjust to dynamic surroundings. There is a central role of youth in nation building.

Without a nation’s youth, it cannot survive. No matter what industry we wish to advance in—be it technology or sports—youth is required. We must decide how to assist them in carrying out this job effectively. All of the kids need to be made aware of their potential and their part in the development of the country.

Skill Development Programme

The major goal of the Skill India initiative is to give young people appropriate training in skills. Additionally, it aspires to increase the total scope and space for neglected sectors as well as possibilities for talent development in the nation.

The Role of Youth in National Development

The future of politics, the economy, technology, and medical science lies in the hands of the youth. The issues the globe is currently experiencing include famine, joblessness, climate change, and other forms of pollution. The future generation has the solution to all of these issues.

In any nation, the youth represent the most vital and energetic element of the population. Statistics indicate that developing nations with sizable youth populations might see significant development in all areas of their economies if they invest in young people’s rights, education, and health. The youthful brains of today will become the leaders, inventors, builders, and innovators of tomorrow.

Numerous job possibilities are possible due to globalisation and India’s booming economy, particularly in the retail and service industries. Previously thought to be less significant, interpersonal behaviour, communication, presentation, client management, company growth, computer competence, and negotiating abilities are now required for candidacy. Today’s entry-level employment requirements have grown to include handling clients skillfully on the phone or via email, working well in teams, giving presentations, and dealing with customers gracefully in person.

Indian Youth and Unlocking its True Potential

In the entire world, India’s youth have the largest population. This gives India an edge over other countries. The developed wealthy countries of the world have an increasing senior citizen population. Additionally, after 75 years of independence Indians are getting more and more educated, this is giving lots of employment opportunities to India youngsters. India is also advancing in many areas of science and business.

Indian youth hold the key for the advancement of India and also for the entire world to an extent. Youth must be encouraged and given access to excellent health, training, and education if they are to be effective leaders, inventors, and innovators who can change the world. When the Youth are employed and generating money rather than being dependent on anyone, the economy of the nation will grow.

Youth has the ability to fix the majority of the issues that our country is now experiencing. The only thing today’s youth require is the opportunity to succeed. Through several demonstrations against violence against women and corruption, we have seen how the youth can bring people from all ethnic groups together. Youth decides which path a nation undertakes at the turn of every decade.

Smile Foundation

Smile Foundation strives to give underprivileged youth of India access to career counselling and skill training programmes to help them choose the best career path for themselves and make a great India in the future. You can donate to the Tayyari Kal Ki, an employability training initiative of Smile Foundation and strengthen the role of youth in nation building.

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