Joy of Giving: This road leads to happiness

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Joy of Giving: This road leads to happiness
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  • Joy of Giving: This road leads to happiness

There are so many people out there in this world who don’t have what we have in our life. The Joy of Giving is not something that can be put into words; it is very difficult to explain it. Only the person who gives can feel what it brings to them. There is an old saying –


“There are those who give with joy, and that joy is their reward”.


Have you ever felt low in your life? Did someone help you come out of it? Have you ever crossed path with someone who is needy of what you have in your daily life? Have you ever helped any person and felt a rush of joy?


In giving, there are no expectations. Nor is there such a thing as scale in giving – you can give someone a toffee or you can give 500 or even 5000 bucks. It is not about what value it had for you. What matters is the immense value it holds for the person who has received it. Not just the object or the money, but the gesture itself. 


The most unique thing about giving is the sense of peace that it brings.


We cannot help all the people at once but even if we can spare some from what we have, it is worth the joy that we get after giving it to someone who needs it more than we do. In the end, it helps us become a better person.


All we are doing is going through time and we all have to do it. But as we go about our routine lives, we can also choose to take out some time for doing small things for others that will give them and us happiness and hope. There are ups and downs in all our lives but these small things make us feel so happy, so fulfilled that we always find positivity, courage and joy in our hearts to overcome the worst.


There are so many documentaries, research available on the joy of giving. It’s scientifically proven that you get joy when you give, how it can help us evolve in the long run. It can us lead healthier and better lives – this simple act of giving and the joy and happiness we feel in turn.


You have done good in this world if you know the value of giving. We should help everyone realise the worth of giving and the joy of giving, and help our younger generations understand what giving is and how it can help us in our lives.

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