Helping our communities during coronavirus

Helping communities during coronavirus

Daily wage labourers in remote rural areas and urban slums are struggling the most during these uncertain times of #COVID19. With Dry Ration distribution in every far-flung corner, Smile Foundation is helping the communities during coronavirus with easy access to food and essential items in such challenging times.

Tribal migrants from Chhattisgarh, specially the Muria and Gond Tribes displaced in the bordering districts and neighboring state of Telangana, have been living without adequate food and clean water, basic healthcare or livelihood opportunities for a long time, and the lockdown has worsened their situation further. There are about 216 of such inhabitants with nearly 2400 families.

Helping our communities during coronavirus
Let’s help our communities during coronavirus

Helping our communities during coronavirus, Smile Foundation has reached 4 such villages (Regulavendi, Sarvikothur, Ramnagar and Rayanpeta) of Kunuavaram Gram Panchayath to provide dry ration kits, with the hope that this distribution will enable them to survive the lockdown.

The lives of the families of of Kutia Kondh primitive tribe in Kalahandi, Odisha were deeply impacted due to lockdown. These communities which are cut off from the rest of the world fall in isolated areas and reside in deep forests. The tribes which rely primarily on natural resources for their survival and crop cultivation, have received rations for a month.

Helping our communities during coronavirus

More than 250 families of the primitive tribes- Kutia Kondh received dry rations in Kalahandi district which included 6 villages which were covered under Lanjigarh block.

Even though most areas from the North Eastern states have been declared as green zones now, the movement of goods and service providers into remote corners such as the seven sisters has become a bigger challenge than ever, due to the lockdown.

Helping our communities during coronavirus
Helping our communities during coronavirus

In such a situation, the distribution of dry ration kits containing food for 30 days for a family of 4 members each at Singrijan and Niuland areas in Dimapur, Nagaland, and Damdamia in Tripura, is hopes to bring the relief to the people.

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