Encouraging creativity in children

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Encouraging creativity in children

Creativity can be described in many ways but the most common and universal meaning is turning new and innovative ideas into reality. In other words creativity is defined as the tendency to generate ideas, alternatives, or possibilities that may be useful in solving problems, communicating with others, and entertaining ourselves and others. Encouraging creativity in children from a young age is very important as it is not something that can be learnt in the latter stages of life, but can only be developed gradually as a child grows.


Children should be let to explore and self-express, it is the first step towards creativity and it also helps in the mental growth of a child by providing new ways of solving a problem and trying out new ideas.


It is also important for parents to be involved in the process of trying out new ideas ones child has, it acts as an encouragement even in the face of failure sometimes. Children who are afraid of failure and judgment curb their own creative thought making the role of an encouraging parent all the more important. When parents share their interests with their children be it their interest in different kinds of music, instruments, sports etc; it gives a child more courage to explore different things.


Limiting screen time in order to make room for creativity in children has become more important than ever. Instead more time should be spent on reading stories to children, making up stories with the children and possible acting some of them out with or without costumes.


Encouraging children to ask questions and also asking them questions about their projects/ choices is a great way to stoke their creative thinking. Most of the times in describing what they were trying to do, children often recognize where they went wrong, or what else could be done with their projects without any input from their parents.


Considering time as a valuable resource and allowing space for crating without limits will help our children grow with a creative bent of mind and promote creativity in children and help nurture their varied differences.


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