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Starting from the gurukuls in ancient India to the current IIT’s and IIM’s the educational system in India has gone through a plethora of reforms. While some of the reforms have had a positive outcome some have hampered the learning process. The government has been working on ensuring everyone in the country gets proper education through campaigns like Sarv Shiksha Abhiyaan but the quality of education provided in the country has been largely overlooked. The current education system does not focus on the holistic development of an individual. Rather a lot of importance is given to the theoretical aspect of education.

Unnecessary focus on marks, sky high cut offs for colleges and peer pressure are some of the characteristics of education nowadays. Mugging up concepts and spitting them out on an answer sheet is what education has become. There is a little focus on skill development of an individual. Many a times the skills of an individual do not match with the requirements of the actual job market. What use is that degree which cannot even fetch a person a decent job?

The shortcomings in the system call for an action to be taken in this regard. The fault here lies in the initial years of education where passing exams and securing high marks is the only matrix of judging a student. To stop this the teachers at primary and upper primary level should up their game and understand their responsibility towards the children. They should encourage students to think pout of the box and focus on developing an all-round personality. In university level education too more focus should be given to training an individual for the actual job market rather than passing exams.

The current scenario in the education system of the country needs to be revamped which will slowly pave the way for a system which ensures holistic development of an individual, impart practical skills and does not compromise on creativity. The government programmes which focus on imparting education should be extended to enhance the quality of education as well.

These changes would further help in the development of the country by ensuring better jobs for the youth and enabling the country to compete internationally. The future of the country lies in the betterment of the education and it is high time we bring suitable changes in the education which will result in a better India.

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