Doorstep Healthcare Services by Smile on Wheels

Smile on Wheels volunteers educating about social distancing

The second wave of the coronavirus has swept through India. As a result, India’s infrastructure is struggling to keep up with Covid-19 relief services. Major cities along with remote parts of the country are facing the impact. To help deal with this difficult situation, Smile Foundation is reaching out to the people in need. We are providing them with the necessary doorstep healthcare services through our ‘Smile on Wheels’ initiative.

Smile of Wheels doorstep healthcare service during Covid-19
A patient gets medicines from a Smile on Wheels mobile hospital.

Lack of basic healthcare

A major problem that the underprivileged are facing in these tough times is the lack of access to primary healthcare facilities. Many are not able to reach the hospitals or dispensaries. Moreover, a large number of government health facilities have been transformed into Covid centres. This makes it difficult for people to get medical attention for other ailments.

Smile on Wheels – Healthcare at your doorstep!

Smile on Wheels is a mobile hospital programme. It benefits thousands of people who do not have access to basic healthcare services because of the pandemic. These mobile hospitals take primary healthcare as well as Covid-care services to the doorsteps of the most vulnerable children and their families. The Smile on Wheels vans aim to reach even the remote villages and slums. This service includes not just doctors’ consultation at your doorstep but also other facilities such as free medicines and point of care tests. Each van has a qualified doctor, a nurse, and an attendant along with modern facilities.

Tests being conducted at Smile on Wheels
An RT-PCR test for the coronavirus is being carried out by a Smile on Wheels volunteer.

Tele-medicine and tele-counselling – A blessing for many

Smile Foundation is also providing tele-medicine services to those who cannot visit a hospital or dispensary physically. A big factor in the rampant spread of the virus is the lack of understanding among people who, because of this, are not able to take necessary precautions to protect themselves from the disease. Tele-counselling plays an important role here. It is being used as a medium to spread awareness about the coronavirus pandemic and informing people about how they can prevent getting infected. Over 1,00,000 families have already been sensitised about Covid-19 through our tele-counselling services.

Tele-counselling service by Smile Foundation volunteer in Kolkata
Tele-counselling service by Smile Foundation volunteer in Kolkata

Our reach

Our range of programmes was primarily children’s education and health. We are now redirecting some of our resources towards Covid-19 charity to help India in the fight against the virus. Till now, over one million people from 2,200 vulnerable communities have been provided doorstep healthcare services through our mobile hospitals and telemedicine programmes. Our target is to reach at least two million people in FY 21-22.

The OPD cost for one person is Rs 240. It includes consultation, medicines, point of care tests, referral services, awareness and counselling.

What can YOU do?

You can do your part by donating to help fight Covid’s second wave in India. that has impacted millions of our fellow citizens. The pandemic has left them more vulnerable than ever before. This is why they need our help. Our warriors on the ground need resources to help the less privileged members of our society. You can donate these resources TODAY.

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Smile Foundation is an NGO in India that directly benefits over 15,00,000 children and their families every year. We have more than 400 live welfare projects on education, healthcare, livelihood, and women's empowerment in over 2,000 remote villages and slums across 25 states of India.

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