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Why Health Cannot Wait

The second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has shaken up the entire country and seems to be even more devastating than the first. Fighting the new, more infectious variant of the virus, frontline health workers are working round the clock even as hospitals run out of beds and oxygen supply, and thousands succumb to preventable deaths.

As the situation worsens with every passing day, the need of the hour is to provide urgent necessities like PPE kits to health workers, strengthening the existing public health infrastructure through supply of oxygen and medicines, reducing the load of primary healthcare facilities, providing hygiene kits to masses, and spreading awareness to contain the spread of the virus.

For those suffering at the hands of the pandemic, for those who are struggling to see their loved ones survive, for those working tirelessly to help save lives – health cannot wait! They need your support NOW.

Progress So Far

Healthcare at Doorsteps

Over 1 million people from 2200 vulnerable communities are being provided doorstep healthcare services through mobile hospital & telemedicine projects

Hygiene Kits Distribution

More than 2,00,000 hygiene kits have been distributed to vulnerable population in our project areas to protect them against the pandemic

Telecounseling for Awareness

Over 1,00,000 families have been sensitized on information and precautions against Covid through tele-counseling services

Creating health professionals

Over 10,000 youth have been trained to be general duty assistants & are employed at hospitals, nursing homes & home care

Beyond Health

Fighting Hunger

Over 27 million meals have been distributed in form of dry ration kits to daily wagers and their families who had lost their livelihood in the lockdown. Click here to know more.

Education in the Pandemic

More than 50,000 children are being provided with support to continue their education through a blended learning approach in the pandemic. Click here to know more.

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