Communication as a tool for the development of the rural masses in our country

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Communication as a tool for the development of the rural masses in our country
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  • Communication as a tool for the development of the rural masses in our country

Communication is the core activity of human association in general and progress as well as development in particular. Human life cannot exist in isolation. A man’s survival in the society is only through communication. Therefore, communication is identified as the oldest continued activity of human being since birth and goes on and on till death. More precisely, communication is the basic need of human beings and web of society which makes the survival, growth, progress and development of man possible and holds the society intact and progressive.  Communication is a vital part of personal life in the society. It is equally important in business, education, civilization, administration and other situations where people encounter with each other to satisfy their needs and wishes. Communication maintains and animates the life. It leads people from instinct to inspiration, through process and system of enquiry, command and control. It creates a common pool of ideas, strengthens the feeling of togetherness through the exchange of messages and translates through into action. As the world has advanced, the task of communication has become more complex. However, unless some basic structural changes are introduced, the potential benefits of technological and communication development will hardly be put at disposal of the majority of mankind. The rural poverty and its related incidences may decline if one puts efforts for sustained growth in agricultural production. Therefore, the communication is the most powerful input which brings substantial development in socio-economic status of an individual.


The term communications can be used in three interrelated ways: firstly, it refers to the interactions and engagements which take place between different actors in the education sector; secondly, it looks at the transmission of information, knowledge or data between two or more points and thirdly, it refers to the processes and means though which these interactions take place. Communications in this respect is multi-faceted and multi-directional, it is both an event and a process, and can be the interaction, as well as the means of interaction.


There is a range of arguments which can be put forward for the importance of integrating communications within education systems especially in the rural areas of our country. Some of these are highlighted below and explored. It can be claimed that good information and effective communications might help:


• enable communities and civil society to engage with educational issues at the school level, raise issues with educational providers and promote accountability of provision and promote public engagement with educational reform programmes.

• increase public awareness of educational rights in rural areas and make the uptake of educational services more likely, both for children and adults.

• provide evidence to support decision-making processes.

• improve the quality of policy formulation.

• build shared understandings which may lead to social change.

• improve educational service delivery and policy implementation.

• involve the voices of the marginalized groups, to make educational provision relevant to their needs.

• empower people to make decisions and develop ownership of educational processes.

• improve the quality of learning and educational outcomes.


Therefore the necessary part for the development of the rural mass would be of spreading the word and expressing the needs and wants of the rural masses through different modes of communication. Spreading the word itself is a powerful tool to share their thoughts, ideas and necessities which can fall in the right hands and ensure in the upbringing of the rural society. The struggles, schemes, policies, educational service can all be uplifted with the simple medium of communicating with the world outside using the correct form of platform. Smile foundation is associated with the welfare of the society and our platform is one place where we give our interest in looking after the needs and requirements for development of the needy. Smile Foundation ensures in benefiting the society with proper education, health, livelihood and women empowerment.


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