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More often than not we hear or read about stories pertaining to child abuse on internet or in newspapers. Even thinking about what the innocent souls are subjected to makes the heart skip a beat. Child abuse whether sexual or nonsexual is a question mark on humanity. The recent rape case in Kathua grabbed a lot of eyeballs with various celebrities coming out in support of the victim. But there are many more stories or instances like these which do not come in front of the public eye and get the required attention. Moreover the media attention too does not lead to solving the problem. It just acts as a way to boost their ratings. As long as the concerned authorities do not take an action nothing can be done.


Leave apart the outside world the children are not even safe at their homes anymore. Recently a video of a woman beating her child for not completing her homework went viral on social media and there was a lot of outrage against it by activist groups. The fault here lies in the education system which encourages rote learning from the onset of ones education as well as in the parents who fail to understand that the children are to be treated gently and with care.


Any form of child abuse can have severe effects in the lives of children. It can hamper their mental wellbeing as they begin to feel unsure of their own selves. Suffering from abuse can make the children introvert and they begin to have trust issues. It stays with them throughout life and they feel difficulty in making and maintaining relationships. Many children who face sexual abuse start blaming themselves and carry it with them in the form of guilt throughout their lives. Moreover it also destroys their academic career a seeing themselves fail results into various problems like depression, anxiety disorders etc. Scarred for life they usually resort to taking extreme steps such as suicide.


It is high time for the concerned authorities to up their game and take the required steps to curb the problem of child abuse from the society. Physical punishment should be banned in schools and a strict check should be maintained in this regard. Schools should be encouraged to have counselling classes for children where they should be taught the need to report any kind of abuse. Parents should have conversations with their children and should be involved in the lives of their children till they reach a certain age. Strict punishments should be imposed on those who indulge in sexual abuse so that it serves as a lesson for those go against the law. The society should join hands to fight back this social evil to provide a happy and healthy environment to the children.


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