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Loss of life while creating life?

Sonam Kukreja Every year, 11th April is observed as Safe Motherhood Day in India. It is an initiative to ...
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Hope doesn’t disappoint :)

Vijayendra Srivastava Life feels like a blank sometimes. A big blank. People told me I could fill it with whatever ...
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Feminism – the right to expression!

Sonam Kukreja We have come a long way since the inception of Feminism.  The worldly word much spoken about but equally ...
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Happiness is now just a STeP away!

Tony Thomas “I have grown up seeing my father struggle hard. Every day he would wake up early and get on ...
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mother 1

Community tales: Mother’s love knows no limit!

Revathi “Some people make fun of me; they laugh at the way I carry loads of clothes on a scooter to ...
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Wrinkled cheeks, fragile bodies, gloomy eyes – All they need is LOVE

Debby Rai At times, some great lessons of life are taught by strangers - where even heavily decorated Facebook posts or ...
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From Spain – with LOVE

David Martori My name is David Martori. I am from Spain but live in Japan with my parents. Now sixteen, my ...
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Celebrating women who live to serve communities!

Gargi Kapoor ‘You can always tell who the strong women are! They are the ones you see building one another up!” When ...
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sandhya 2

Sandhya – a woman stronger than acid!

Debby Rai To gulp down a bottle of acid isn’t easy; unless there’s an unbearable pain hidden beneath. Shocked? I too ...
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No More the ‘White Man’s Burden’?

Sandip Nayak Until recently, we have been comfortable with putting all the countries of the world in two agreeable categories - ...
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School- A privilege for most, a dream for many!

Anamika Pal In the span of our entire lifetime, some of the most amazing memories and times that we spend is ...
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smile parent

Caring for parents – our Universal Dharma

Partha Pratim Rudra Recently I came across the story about the struggle of survival of an old couple, who came to ...
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ashvin crop

‘Life’s like a camera; and I focus on humanity!’ – Ashvin

Debby Rai “Ashvin, will you come here again?” “And what made you ask so?” “This filth and stench from these open drains of ...
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(Alam, on the extreme right)

The secret to bringing change is to begin!

Sandip Nayak (Alam, on the extreme right) Thirty-something Md. Alam is a proud father of two girls. Now I would want ...
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Mothers choose breastfeeding: A rise of 30%

Dr. Nilu Shrivastav “Would breastfeeding have any side-effects for me?” asked Sheetal. But Sheetal is not the only one with that ...
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