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2500 benefit from mega health camp in Addagutta slum

March 26, 2016

A multi-specialty mega health camp was conducted at the Addagutta slum in Hyderabad. Known to be the second largest slum in Asia, Addagutta is home to a huge migrant population, working as casual, daily wage labourers and rag pickers for a livelihood.

With most people working in hazardous conditions and living in congested shanties with extremely poor sanitation, being largely vulnerable to communicable diseases, an intense healthcare intervention was deemed necessary, in addition to the regular OPD being carried out by the Smile on Wheels mobile hospital in the area.

Along with three general physicians, a team of paediatrics, gynaecologists, dental surgeon, orthopaedic and ophthalmologist provided services at the two-day camp. A total of 2533 people benefitted from the camp, majority of whom were women and children.