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Exposure Visit- AT Kearney

September 14, 2013

On 14th September 2013 an exposure visit was conducted at M/s. A.T. Kearney at lower Parel. 24 students along with the teachers attended a two hour session in various subjects by well-trained professional in a corporate atmosphere. Firstly the students were asked to introduce, not themselves but their friends sitting adjacent. This was a way of bringing out each one’s knowledge about their own fellows students.

In connection to the personality development they were currently learning, the students were asked as to what they think of themselves. They were taught how to see their own self i:e, one’s own ‘eye’, in order to nurture a well developed personality. To get this point through into their minds an image of a cat sitting before a mirror and seeing its own reflection as that of a lion. The summary meant that one ought to have self-esteem, self-confidence and a stead-fast positive attitude for developing a good and vibrant personality.

They were made to undergo mock interviews and further divided into small groups to present group discussions. The highlight of this special session was that although it happened in a corporate and formal atmosphere, it was conducted totally in an informal and friendly atmosphere which made the students at ease. For the students this was a totally new and thrilling experience. 24 Students attended the same.


September 14, 2013
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