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Celebrating the Spirit of a Girl: International Women’s Day

March 8, 2006

An internationally acclaimed painter, a renowned weight management consultant, a hotshot model, a firebrand legal eagle, a corporate honcho and a beautician who groomed many Miss Indias, all in one platform. Well, there were not here to rock a Page 3 party, but to show some power-puff performance. On the International Women’s Day (March 8), successful women from various fields attended a workshop to teach 200 neo-literate adolescent girls from 50 communities, NGOs and government schools in Delhi and NCR region tips on grooming, their rights, awareness and self-defense technique, sexual health and painting.

The idea behind the workshop was to show what it takes to be a successful woman. What is that make a woman so respected in a male dominated society – her intelligence, her poise, her stoic ability to handle a situation, her rebellion or her imagination or sheer grit!

Ms. Feroz Gujral, Model, Ms. Priti Srivstava, V-P, Reliance Industries and Ms. Anjolie Ela Menon, Painter were the role models and guests. Ms. Samantha Kocchar, Stylist and beautician, Ms. Shrividhya Rajaram, Psychologist, Escorts Heart Institute, Dr. Bhavna Barmi, Chief Psychologists, Escorts Heart Institute, Ms. Neeta Malhotra, Crime Against Women Cell and Dr. Shikha Sharma, Nutritionist & Weight Management Consultant conducted various sessions for the participating girls.

All these women have been successful in organizing their life around their passion. They have been successful through perseverance and dedication and have been smart enough to take on opportunities as well as challenges and able to convert it into success. Also, all these women have been successful in steering their lives smoothly rather than juggling around it.

These women have worn numerous caps in the forms of daughters, wives, mothers and professionals and have never let it as hindrance to their success. Most importantly, all of them have started small.

“Never accept being ‘allowed’ by others to do something. One must be aware of one’s right and freedom,” said Ms. Feroz Gujral. “Any opportunity is a gift. It’s very important to get up and ask,” she added.

“The essence of a woman is all about her strength,” said Ms. Samantha Kocchar in between giving new grooming and beauty tips to the neo-literate girls. “We all know how to do make-up but we do not do it because we do not feel important about ourselves.”

Dr. Shikha Sharma opened her session with the line – “Don not be a weak woman, a liability. For that you need to be healthy first of all.” Dr. Sharma gave the participants details about household food selection to maintain nutrition even for the whole family and guests.

“Dr. Bhavna Barmi gave instruction and explanation on various ways to be healthy through proper breathing technique and maintaining a healthy heart and mind.

“Confidence comes from work, experience, responsibilities and willingness. What you feel you cannot do today, can be achieved by believing in you,” said Ms. Priti Srivastava, giving example from her own life.

Ms. Anjolie Ela Menon said, “Success doesn’t come overnight. It takes decades of hard work to be famous.” She added, “Painting is a selfish profession. One paints for herself. Hence, painters owe social responsibilities.” She recalled, “Once in Russia I used to hang my baby on the back and do painting for an exhibition. For a woman to be successful, she has to grow everyday and take up life positively. Fortunately for a woman in India, we have a good familial and social support system”

Ms. Alkankshree Shivshankar is the first woman to set up a law office in Europe. “A woman anywhere in the world needs to know her rights and ask for it.” She explained laws and rights related to alimony/ divorce, workplace, public place, property and family etc.

The team from Crime Against Women Cell demonstrated self-defence skill and awareness tips for girls’ safety.

The workshop was divided into 5 main sessions – each, for about 45 minutes, dealing with various subjects as given below:

Session 1: Grooming & Beauty Care: by Ms. Samantha Kocchar, Stylist, Time: 10:50 A.M., Subjects: Importance of grooming and beauty care, basic steps of grooming, Natural Beauty Tips (Skin & Hair Care), How to choose cosmetics, Myths related to Make-up & Hair Care.

Session 2: Sex & Sexuality: by Ms. Shrividhya Rajaram, Psychologist, Escorts Heart Institute., Time: 12:00, Subjects: What is Sex Education, Why Impart Sex Education, Sexual Feelings including Attraction, Infatuation; Crush and Love; Sexual Practices in Adolescents, Sexual Problems in Adolescents, Facts about Teenage Pregnancy, Need for Contraception.

Session 3: Awareness & Self Defence, by Delhi Police experts and SMILE’s Swabhiman Team, Time: 13:45 P.M., Subjects: Safety & Self Defence

Session 4: Health Care & Nutrition, by Dr. Shikha Sharma, Nutritionist & Weight Management Consultant and Dr. Bhavna Barmi, Chief Psychologist, Escorts, Time: 15:00 P.M., Subjects: Health Care and Nutrition tips for Adolescent Girls and Women

Session 5: Know Your Rights, by Resource Person: Ms. Alkanshree Shivshankar, Advocate & Legal Consultant, Time: 16:45 P.M., Subjects: Laws related to Dowry, Divorce Maintenance and Second Marriage; Frisking, Separation, FIR and Right to Information.

Let’s celebrate the spirit of being a girl!


March 8, 2006
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