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Barclays Bank Employee Engagement Programme with STeP students’

December 11, 2009

Smile Foundation is glad and privileged to conduct the Third Employee Engagement Programme with Barclays Bank.

The programme was conducted on 11 Dec.2009 at the Smile Twin e-Learning (STeP) centre in Noida.

The day focussed on diverse activities planned in a concrete manner with the objective of helping students learn to speak out confidently and come out their initial shyness which is very common when youngsters face the outside world or when they start working. All the activities combined fun with learning.

The programme began with a round of introduction between the beneficiaries and Barclays Bank Employees. Smile representative shared the reason for coming together.

The Extempore and Debate Competition was conducted with the goal of enabling students transform their ideas and creativity into words and present them in front of huge audience. The activities were held in groups to ensure participatory action by each candidate. Barclays Bank employees facilitated the groups and helped the students in understanding their topics and formulate them in English.

The next round Damsheraz focussed on helping students learn and recollect some daily advertisements they watch on T.V. The goal was to make them more aware on the market scenario and learn some of the big brand names. Barclays Bank employees enacted some of famous acts of T.V. and the students were able to smartly answer the same.

The pronunciation competition helped the students learn how to correctly pronounce some difficult words. The Employees from the Bank decided whether the student has correctly pronounced the word or not and helped the students in correcting them.

The programme ended with awarding the teams with different prizes. The prizes to be given were declared before the beginning of the programme to infuse encouragement among the beneficiaries and keep up their morale. Titles for Best Presentable Girl and Best Presentable Boy were also given. The employees happily presented the awards and the room filled with cheering sounds from different teams.

Undoubtedly, the students walked out refreshed and more confident at the end of the session. The counselling session certainly helped in coming out of their dilemmas related wit their careers.

We extend our sincere thanks to Barclays Bank for taking out time from their busy schedules and contribute towards the societal causes. We appreciate their sensitivity towards our cause and being able to out rightly counsel our students and able to show them the right path.


December 11, 2009
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