Volunteers & Interns

Astha Singhal

Intern Smile Foundation

“These children helped me realize that you just need your little dreams and the motivation to fulfill them for true happiness. I am proud of each one of them. I am proud of this moment with them, and a little proud about myself too.


Intern Smile Foundation

“These children offered me to celebrate Diwali with them. This is my best Diwali so far. I m going to cherish each moment, every smile, every day. Thank you my new bunch of best friends.

Anushka Sureka

Intern Smile Foundation

“Innocent giggles with beaming eyes, is what I noticed when I entered the Mission Education centre (Anandadhara), home to 550 students in the district of Noapara. They are children of minor farmers and daily wagers who have migrated from nearby regions in search of livelihood. “Doctor, Teacher, Pilot, Astronaut..”, the list was endless when I asked them about their ambitions. With tiny and neat classrooms, it was great to see the children eating nutritious food during their recess.

Julie Mansuy

Smile on Wheels Smile Foundation

“I'm Julie a French student in Public Health. I've done a 2 month-long internship with Smile Foundation. I learnt so much about public health, medicine, management, and about the Indian lifestyle. I really enjoyed working with smile foundation's team; they are very kind and nice people. I felt welcome and comfortable during my stay, I recommend anyone to work with this NGO as it will be a good and rich experience! Thank you so much, I hope to come back to work with you one day!”

Svenja Siemonsen

Smile Twin e-Learning Programme Smile Foundation

“I have been working for Smile Foundation in between 13th October 2013 and 9th January 2015 for a period of 12 weeks. During this period I was engaged in the work of the Smile Twin e-Learning Programme (STeP), Outreach, Smile on Wheels (SoW) and shortly Swabhiman. I enjoyed my time with Smile. The work everybody does here cannot be honoured high enough. The people are all very helpful – especially when the language barrier stops me of continuing my work and the coherence among the team members is impressive.

Aadhar Subedi

Smile on Wheels Smile Foundation

“As a part of my MBA course, I was required to work with an NGO, so that I get an exposure as to what and how things are done in a NGO. I choose to work for Smile Foundation. At Smile Foundation I was provided an opportunity to work with the Outreach team for Smile on Wheels program. During my stint at Smile foundation, I was able to gain both theoretical and practical knowledge of what goes behind making Smile on wheels program a success. Initially, in order to sensitize on different kind of works done by the outreach team, I was given a task of proofreading a report that was to be submitted to the donor.

Ramya Sahiti

Swabhiman Smile Foundation

“Volunteering at Smile Foundation under Swabhiman, I understood that altering people’s lives is not a myth. The vision and concept of Swabhiman has had a great influence on me, improving my perspective on life. Change begins at home. ‘You educate a man, you educate an individual; you educate a woman, you educate the Nation’. Once you show them the right direction, women are willing to amend the entire community. During the capacity building sessions at Swabhiman, I grasped the significance of offering a child the choice of informed decision. After they realise what is right from wrong, they can guide their respective communities in the appropriate direction.

Renuka Arjunan

Individual Partnership Smile Foundation

“My Journey with Smile Foundation has been a knowledgeable experience. I got the opportunity to join the IP Department. I learnt lot of things which includes formal communication with corporates, the whole procedure from the first call till how an event takes place. My experience with the team seniors Miss. Chhavi and Pooja has been good. I was given the responsibility to make calls and converse with the corporate heads and HR’s. During this tenure I realized the amount of effort that is being put into for bringing that innocent smile on the faces of underprivileged children and indeed felt pride of myself being a part. The organization provided me a platform of not only immense learning but also contributing towards the society and fulfilling the responsibility which each individual should. Working for Smile Foundation helped me use the knowledge I’ve acquired over the past one month as a college student as well as the skills I’ve developed.”

Dushyant Singh

Smile Twin e-Learning Programme Smile Foundation

“Being a fresher, this was the first time I was exposed to a formal workplace, which, indeed, was an enthralling experience. After being cognizant of the kind of the work done by Smile Foundation in general, and STeP specifically, I felt contended and relieved that, in this modern capitalistic world, there still are some people, some organization which are working for the greater good of society, and helping marginalized group of people by playing a role of catalyzed to uplift them from the abysmal condition many of them find themselves in. The wide array of work done here at Smile Foundation surprised me. Since my stint with the organization was only for a small tenure of 3 weeks, or 15 working days to be specific, I was allotted a small fraction of work, which, I tried to complete with utmost sincerity and diligence.

Radhika Singh

Individual Partnership Smile Foundation

“My experience with Smile Foundation was extremely serviceable and estimable. I worked in the Individual Partnership Department of Smile Foundation . During my volunteer-ship I gained so much of experience and knowledge about how difficult it is to put smile on those underprivileged children and help them in their education. I was pleased to work in such a friendly environment where every individual work so hard to achieve their ultimate goal of bringing smile on innocent faces of those underprivileged kids . I was assigned the responsibility of providing managerial assistance to take appointments , conduct events in illustrious and lauded individuals and corporate . Currently I am pursuing as a student of philosophy honors’ from Miranda house , Delhi University . For me it was an overwhelming experience and I feel grateful to my department for giving me this opportunity of working with them .”

Meghana Davis

Individual Partnership Smile Foundation

“My internship with Smile foundation had been a delightful learning experience. I am currently Pursuing Psychology Honors and being with the IP department of Smile Foundation and getting to interact with the heads of renowned corporates directly and indirectly had been an enriching opportunity. The reason behind perusing this internship was to try and give back something to the society that it has given me, and working for the education of underprivileged children seemed like the best thing to do. But after Joining Smile and knowing in detail about its grass root processing and all that it did to transform lives of helpless people, I realized it’s so much more. I would like to thank Smile Foundation for giving me this opportunity. It was an experience that I’ll cherish forever.”

Elias Sam James

Smile Twin e-Leaning Programme Smile Foundation

“I had a great privilege to work with the Smile Twin e-Learning Program (STeP) of Smile Foundation as an intern. It was an enriching experience to work with Smile Foundation. The STeP team with whom I was working was amazing. The internship gave me a wonderful exposure as to how an NGO works and how various projects are implemented and how they are monitored. While working with STeP I was able to learn many things like how to make case studies, donor reports, data Sheets etc. Also I was able to take personality development classes at various centers where STeP training program was offered and was able to interact with the students at the centre. During my internship I was able to understand how work is coordinated professionally. I would also like to thank Mr. Tony and Mr. Prashant who were instrumental in molding me during the internship at Smile. It was a joy to work with them and they inspired me to do my best at work.”

Anchal Kakkar

Swabhiman Programme Smile Foundation

“My internship with Smile Foundation was immensely satisfying. I am currently pursuing masters in technology and have always been interested in technology and research. So, working with the weaker section of society was a new learning experience and felt very rewarding. India has grown leaps and bounds since its independence but where education is concerned, the gap between women and men is severe. I believe that with its “Swabhiman” programme for women and girl child development, Smile Foundation is helping fill this gap. Doing field work, performing group discussions with women and children in the identified communities, having face to face conversation with them and seeing their confidence has convinced me that Swabhiman is opening doors of opportunities for many women and girls.”

Blessy Mariam Sunny

Individual Partnership Smile Foundation

“My one month internship with smile foundation was indeed very satisfying and enriching one. I am currently doing Law and the reason behind perusing this Internship was to reach out to those people who are in need of help. I would like to Thank smile foundation for giving me this opportunity. It was pleasure working with the Individual Partnership department, where you call up firms, make them understand about our project and ask them to come forward and support the cause. In Order to run an NGO and to make sure that these underprivileged children are getting a better life, one need to have proper funds and IP department took care of it. I was highly privileged to work with IP team , they made me understand and told me how the smile foundation works , they also helped and guided me when ever needed , they created very peaceful , co-operative environment where one can easily work . Though I would always crib as this Internship required 2 hours of travelling every day, the experience was worth it as it really inspires me to give back to the society. As the word Umeed lives up to its name. It gives one the hope that things can be changed and will change.”

Mukund Rawat

Mission Education Smile Foundation

“During one month of my internship with Smile Foundation, Delhi. I was inspired by the organization efforts and its success. I was especially impressed by the impulse compassion of the staff members and their dedication to create a social change. With the limited resources they are helping the masses. Benefitting over 3, 00,000 children and their families. Today, 8 million children in India are out of school and are surrounded by illness, poverty and despair; they are fighting a daily battle for their survival. Smile foundation is not only helping the children in coming out of poverty and illness but through its Mission Education program it is providing the FUNDAMENTAL RIGHT- RIGHT TO EDUCATION to the underprivileged children. During my internship, I gain insights of the lives of underprivileged children, their families and communities. In 2002 Smile Foundation was set up to work with grassroots initiatives for effecting positive changes in the lives of underprivileged children. My project responsibility of the internship was mainly concerned with the report making for the donors. Throughout my internship I helped in colligating various reports, making snapshots of the reports. However, the significance of the Mission Education and the organization successes were most evident to me when I had the opportunity to interact with the underprivileged children. These various interactions helped me to gain insight into the tragic challenges that are faced by our society. To be associated with Smile Foundation as a volunteer was akin to returning a favor to society in a positive manner. The complete experience was stimulating and enriching. The initiative by Smile Foundation is just a milestone there is a long way to go. Together we can bring change and make it last.”

Aishwarya Sinha

Corporate Partnership Smile Foundation

“Interning at Smile foundation has been an enriching experience for me. I was genuinely impressedby the organizational structure of Smile foundation which is a perfect combination of an NGO working in a corporate way.The dedication and commitment of people working here towards the visions and missions of this foundation is overwhelmingly amazing. During the internship, I everyday learnt something new from my colleagues here. Being a part of the Corporate Partnership team/department, I have gained exposure to the research and marketing world and developed invaluable skills which will definitely help me in my future endeavors. My supervisors were extremely encouraging and supportive,continuously guiding me in the right direction. I really appreciate their help and thoughtfulness. Working at Smile has been a great learning curve for me through whichnot only I have gained a deeper insight into the functioning of charitable organizations,but also that of the corporate world.I truly felt like a part of the Smile community and I was by all means treated like one. This entire journey has been extremely enlightening and enjoyable for me.”

Yamini Rawat

Mission Education Smile Foundation

“My internship with Smile Foundation has been an extremely enriching experiencing. I worked as an intern under the programme department for Mission Education for a month. I gained an immensely satisfying experience, be it regarding the documentation, following-up with the partners over programmatic requirements or preparation of project reports. I was highly privileged to have visited a Mission Education centre in Satyaniketan on the very first day of my internship, where the children were preparing for an event and I helped supervise their preparations. All the employees have been very encouraging and supportive throughout the course of my internship. They taught me about the ME programme and how it educates and empowers the children of the weaker sections of society. It was a life-changing experience and will be of great help to me in my coming years.”

Amanjeet Singh

IT Department Smile Foundation

“My internship with Smile Foundation has been an enriching and wonderful experience. It was great to work for a month in the IT Department of the organization and it has certainly enhanced my knowledge not only in my field of work but also a broader perspective of the noble work that the organization does for the underprivileged sections of the society. It was immensely satisfying for me to work and develop software programs and web pages for the organization and as an engineering student to intern here wasa great development for my personal growth. It was my pleasure to contribute whatever little I could do for this noble deed. The ambience at Smile Foundation was very friendly and the people here were very helpful and cooperative. I truly felt being a part of the Smile family and I thank Smile for the wonderful opportunity it provided me.”

Hansa Mehrotra

Individual Partnership Smile Foundation

“Working with smile foundation was one of its own experience. I was assigned the responsibility of providing managerial assistance to the Individual Partnership Department of Smile Foundation. During this volunteer-ship I realized the amount of effort that is being put into for bringing that innocent smile on the faces of underprivileged children and indeed felt pride of myself being a part. Arranging appointments, conducting events and dealing with a plethora of individuals and corporates , the organization provided me a platform of not only immense learning but also contributing towards the society and fulfilling the responsibility which each individual should. It was an enriching experience and I am grateful to Smile Foundation and the department I worked in for giving me this opportunity.”