S&P Global empowering youth and women with Smile

Partnership between S&P Global and Smile Foundation started in the financial year 2017-18 to promote skill development and livelihood opportunities for underprivileged youth. The operation of the project started in January 2018. During the first 3 years of partnership, youths were trained for 4 months in 5 different subjects namely- Basic Computers, Spoken English, Personality Development, Basic & Retail Management and Financial Literacy. Training in these modules helped the students to prepare themselves for entry level jobs in a broad range of job sectors like Retail, Hospitality, BPO etc. Total 1148 youth were trained from Jan 2018 to Dec’ 2020 out of which 64% were successfully placed in different sectors by the end of the training programme.

In the year 2021, due to the pandemic considering the market need and placement opportunity, the paradigm of training was shifted to Banking, Finance Services and Insurance with the special focus on young graduate girls. The instructors were trained by the knowledge partner and as per the given schedule each student was trained on BFSI online cloud based training content. Timely assessments were also part of the training to keep a check on the understanding & progress of each student. During the 2021-22, 405 young girls were trained out of which 241 were successfully placed.

With the generous support of S&P global, 1553 youths have been trained and became part of the skilled labour force of the country.

Also, in the year 2021 , S&P Global further extended their support towards supporting and enabling women from marginalized communities financially and enabling them digitally These women would get certified as Financial Health Workers –through a technology-enabled Learning Management System. Through this support , 130 women will be trained and further become young women entrepreneurs.

S&P Global provides essential intelligence, they enable governments, businesses and individuals with the right data, expertise and connected technology so that they can make decisions with conviction.

We thank S&P Global for their constant support in empowering the youth and women from marginalized communities .