Signode India Limited joins hands with Smile Foundation to support the education of underprivileged children


Signode partnered Smile Foundation in July 2017 to support Smile Foundation’s Mission Education programme. With their support, a Mission Education centre has been established in Hyderabad. Signode is supporting basic education of 100 underprivileged children from economically weaker families and socially disadvantaged communities.

Signode India Limited is a company of Signode Industrial Group, USA, a global leader in the industrial bulk packaging industry with a heritage that goes back more than 100 years.

They produce strap, stretch and protective packaging. They also manufacture packaging tools and equipment that are used to apply the bulk packaging materials. These packaging products are used to contain, unitize, protect and secure goods during warehousing and shipment. Signode is a pioneer in the industrial packaging sector with a long history of customer-focused innovations in materials, processes and automation technology that have revolutionized the sector.

With nearly seven thousand employees working in facilities throughout the US, Europe and Asia, they maintain leading positions in our businesses through our global scale, broad product portfolio and long-standing global customer relationships.