It goes without saying that the media fraternity is a very important institution in the development of the underprivileged community of the country.

The media today encompasses essentially every component of the society. And in a way, that it is nearly impossible to remain ignorant anymore. It plays a major role in developing opinions or preferences, interpretation of how people see the world around them, purchase decisions, etc.

Most importantly, the media brings awareness to the people. That awareness triggers thinking. And only when the privileged ones think seriously about their role play in development of the deprived, will they participate in it.

The media fraternity has given Smile Foundation overwhelming support so far. Without their advocacy it would have been very difficult for Smile to reach out to all those needy and deserving children through its welfare initiatives.

Title Publication Date

Covid-19 and mental health: Focus on children’s holistic development

logo September 24, 2021

How Civil Society Organisations Can Bring Education Back On Track After The COVID-19 Pandemic

logo September 15, 2021

Access to nutrition can fuel India’s demographic dividend

logo September 6, 2021

Panchayats, NGOs have a big role to play in weeding out vaccine hesitancy, propelling rural India's fight against COVID-19

logo August 17, 2021

“Smile Foundation wants to bring ‘Civic Driven Change’, with Change the Game Academy”: Santanu Mishra

logo July 22, 2021

‘Poor kids’ education worst hit’

logo July 3, 2021

Highly contagious nature of the infection has put immense pressure on health infrastructure: Santanu Mishra, Smile Foundation

logo May 18, 2021

Inside the reshaping of CSR in India during Covid-19

logo May 6, 2021


logo March 24, 2021

Smile Foundation Serves More Than 27 Million Meals During The Pandemic

logo March 23, 2021

Giving Women Wings to Fly – NGOs Working to Empower Disadvantaged Women

logo March 15, 2021

Govt needs to take extra steps to educate women on financial literacy, activists say

logo March 10, 2021

COVID-19 Gets Corporates to Commit to Bring STEM Learning to Underprivileged Communities

logo March 10, 2021

Women's Day 2021 – Organizations making underprivileged Indian women self-sufficient

logo March 8, 2021

Financial literacy holds key to empowering women

logo March 8, 2021

How STEM Education Can Help Shape Young Girls as Strong Leaders of Tomorrow

logo March 8, 2021

Smile Foundation Has Been Certified As A Great Place To Work®!

logo March 3, 2021

Smile Foundation has been certified as a Great Place to Work®!

logo March 2, 2021

COVID-19 Pandemic Impact On Women And Their Struggle To Feed Their Families

logo March 1, 2021

Jitendra Mishra selected Jury for leading film festival in Canada: 24th Montreal International Children's Film Festival – FIFEM

logo February 27, 2021

Education, Cooperation Can Help Deliver Social Justice to Millions in a Changing World and Digital Economy

logo February 20, 2021

WWF India's One Earth One Home programme concludes in 16 states and UTs

logo February 19, 2021

WWF India's "One Earth One Home" programme concludes

logo February 19, 2021

Smile Foundation Partners With IIT-Kanpur For 'Techkriti '21' To Create Awareness On Shiksha Na Ruke Campaign

logo February 15, 2021

Mr Javadekar, Did All Kids Get Online Edu When 27% Had No Device?

logo February 11, 2021

Mr Javadekar, Did All Kids Get Online Edu When 27% Had No Device?

logo February 11, 2021

Teaching the teacher is key

logo February 2, 2021

Teaching the teacher is key

logo February 2, 2021

Teaching The Teacher Is The Key To Building A Resilient Education System

logo February 2, 2021

Role of NGOs in early childhood care and education

logo January 29, 2021

CSR: Smile Foundation and Pepsico Highlight Milestones Achieved by Project Sampoorna in Gujarat

logo January 29, 2021

Santanu Mishra honored with 'India CSR Impact Leader Award'

logo January 23, 2021

Unsung Heroes: Shailesh Raval, and every teacher who prioritised learning

logo January 6, 2021

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