It goes without saying that the media fraternity is a very important institution in the development of the underprivileged community of the country.

The media today encompasses essentially every component of the society. And in a way, that it is nearly impossible to remain ignorant anymore. It plays a major role in developing opinions or preferences, interpretation of how people see the world around them, purchase decisions, etc.

Most importantly, the media brings awareness to the people. That awareness triggers thinking. And only when the privileged ones think seriously about their role play in development of the deprived, will they participate in it.

The media fraternity has given Smile Foundation overwhelming support so far. Without their advocacy it would have been very difficult for Smile to reach out to all those needy and deserving children through its welfare initiatives.

Title Publication Date

5th edition of Smile International Film Fest to begin Dec 9

logo November 14 2019

5th edition of Smile International Film Fest from Dec 9

logo November 14 2019

Urgent Need Of Reducing Infant Mortality In India

logo November 02 2019

Educating a Family

logo October 31 2019

In India’s Health Capital Chennai, Smile Foundation Provides Free Medical Counselling And Treatment At Door Step

logo October 16 2019

National Nutrition Month: This NGO Is Aiming To Eradicate Anaemia Among Adolescent Girls In A Gurgaon Community

logo September 10 2019

Santanu Mishra, Co-Founder & Executive Trustee Smile Foundation, has been conferred Bharatiya Manavata Vikas Puraskar 2019

logo September 1 2019

Smile On Wheels Provides Access To Primary Healthcare To The Poor At Their Doorstep In 22 States

logo August 27 2019

Triumph and Smile Foundation come together on Independence Day to support girl's education

logo August 21 2019

RB launches season 6 of its flagship BSI initiative

logo August 19 2019

Triumph To Organise Ride For Freedom On Independence Day

logo August 17 2019

Ducati, Indian Motorcycle And Triumph Organise Independence Day Rides

logo August 17 2019

This Independence Day, a look at how the govt and enterprises are working towards gaining freedom from social ills

logo August 15 2019

Independence Day 2019: Fill your day with patriotic colours

logo August 14 2019

India’s battle with menstrual hygiene: How sanitary market is evolving to help women break barriers

logo July 22 2019

Ericsson, Smile Foundation expand mobile health clinics program

logo July 22 2019

Ericson and Smile Foundation expands health clinic

logo July 22 2019

Ericsson and Smile Foundation expand their Mobile Health Clinics program across India

logo July 22 2019

Ericsson, Smile Foundation expand mobile health clinics program

logo July 22 2019

Film produced by Indian producer Jitendra Mishra to be screened at United Nations (UN)

logo July 12 2019

Vivek Oberoi says sorry for crass Salman-Aishwarya meme. Charity drops him from event

logo May 22 2019

Kids gather to raise funds for cyclone victims

logo May 22 2019

Vivek Oberoi apologises for tweet on Aishwarya, dropped from charity fund-raising event

logo May 21 2019

Rising heat scorches recovery efforts in cyclone-hit Indian state

logo May 20 2019

Denied entry in shelter homes during Cyclone Fani, say Dalits in Odisha

logo May 17 2019

Cyclone Fani: 20 lakh children waiting for schools to reopen across districts in Puri

logo May 17 2019

Are women more prone to anaemia?

logo April 30 2019

This movie buff uses films to inspire children

logo April 2 2019

Music rhythms with learning

logo March 21 2019

बच्चों को वंचित समुदायों के बच्चों से जुड़ने का मौका मिला

logo March 20 2019

सहानुभुति और रचनात्मकता के जश्न में बच्चों को समुदायों के बच्चों से जुड़ने का मिला मौका

logo March 19 2019

जश्न में बच्चों को वंचित समुदायों के बच्चों से जुड़ने का मिला मौका

logo March 19 2019

In a celebration of empathy and creativity, children bridge the divide of privileges

logo March 19 2019

Gradeup collaborates with Smile Foundation to celebrate Women’s Day

logo March 10 2019

International Women's Day 2019: Here's why educating girls is the need of the hour

logo March 8 2019

Nutrition enhancement programme launched

logo February 20 2019

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