Target International

Target is a leading retailer in the United States and has a legacy of giving back to the community. Since 1946, Target has been giving back 5 per cent of its income to the communities they serve. Target’s International Giving Programme focuses on supporting quality, accessible education for children and youth to help address these critical needs which benefit not only individuals, but also the entire community.

The organization has partnered with Smile Foundation to help create strong communities, improve local economies and develop a better quality of life through the ‘Girl Child-Specific Intervention’ project in the urban slums of Delhi. Currently 80 girls are undergoing skill based training under Smile Twin-e Learning Programme (STeP) and also benefiting 100 underprivileged girls under Mission Education (ME) programme towards promoting quality education.

In November 2010, United Way Worldwide grant on behalf of the generosity of Target Foundation was announced to support three Mission Education centers in Bengaluru. The 3 proposed Mission Education centers in the urban slums/villages of Bengaluru will serve the underprivileged children in partnership with three local interventions- Association for Promoting Social Action (APSA), Nava Karnataka and BMV Trust respectively. Apart from catering underprivileged children from urban slum communities, children from the villages of Bengaluru like Kakachokkandahally, Thotalanganahally, Mugiladapi, Thadur, Basavapatna, Maanamachanahally. Nagamangala and Thotalinganahally will also get benefit from the project. These areas have a dearth of remedial and non-formal education facilities for the underprovided children. Thus, the project will have a significant impact in the area of children’s education for the city of Bengaluru.