The project supported by Caterpillar is meant to educate children in remote villages by building the infrastructure of the schools in order to facilitate proper education for the children and to increase the quality of teaching process. The necessary infrastructural support include school buildings, safe drinking water facilities, separate toilets for girls, furniture, school compound walls, computers and lab equipments, etc for government schools.

A total of 3836 children have benefitted through the intervention of the project in Tiruvallur 705 children in Hosur. The remedial education is a milestone of the project in Tiruvallur. 11 volunteers in three schools helped the project in assisting 455 children learn better.

Caterpillar Foundation is the social arm of US based global corporate giant Caterpillar and believes in using its strength and resources for social cause. Since its inception in 1952, the Foundation has helped the corporate maintain its legacy of corporate citizenship. The Foundation assists its Company in supporting global philanthropy through its international giving programme.