Meenu’s Smile comprehensively captures Smile Foundation’s lifecycle approach of development by following the journey of bringing change in one community. It portrays Smile Foundation’s focus on children and their families, through intensive welfare programmes on education, healthcare, livelihood and women empowerment. All these subjects are interlinked and unless attention is paid to every aspect, sustainable change cannot be brought in a community. Meenu is the protagonist of this journey, which touches the entire community, spreading smiles in its wake.

School Bell Ringing

School Bell Ringing documents a Mission Education project, which was initiated in 2009 in Jajpur district of Odisha and is now successfully completed. Bridge course centres, remedial education centres and computer literacy centres were set up, besides formation of Mother’s Associations and Village Education Committees to ensure community sensitization. The outcome of the project is the resonance of School Bell which exemplifies change, joy and hope for the children as well as the community.


This documentary records Smile Foundation’s integrated Education and Health project, being implemented in a cluster of villages of Guna district, Madhya Pradesh. The programme focuses on bringing overall development of the community by providing quality education to children through Mission Education and primary healthcare services through Smile Health Camps. Recently, two adult education centres, for women and older girls have also been initiated under the project. The programme is supported by GAIL.

Reaching the Unreached

Smile on Wheels mobile hospital programme has been operating as a vital lifeline for the poorest. Following a community centric and sustainable health delivery model, Smile on Wheels is a national level mobile hospital programme which takes curative, preventive and promotive healthcare services to the doorsteps of urban poor and underserved villagers, particularly women and children. At present, Smile on Wheels is benefitting 231,000 people directly every year through 21 operational projects, covering 265 remote villages and urban slums in 15 states across India.

Swabhiman Film

The documentary effectively showcases Smile Foundation’s Swabhiman programme, dedicated to the empowerment of women and girl children. Shot at some of our project centres in Delhi NCR, the film captures various interventions including health awareness and access, with focus on reproductive and child health; education support through scholarship; initiating behavioral change, specifically among male counterparts; and life skills training, through which Swabhiman has been making a difference to the lives of women and adolescent girls in underprivileged communities.

Nanhi Nazar

his series of 8 short films was an effort by Smile Foundation to sensitize people about issues like child labour and atrocities of the girl child. For the campaign small children reported about the plight of the underprivileged children. Real life stories of victims of child abuse were shown in the campaign, who were later supported by Smile Foundation.