Theory of Change

The overall objective of the Change the Game India training is to make grassroots organisations self-reliant and self-sustainable through in-country resources that are available and ultimately creating significant social impact through a multiplier effect.
The path taken to achieve the same is to invest in a capacity building trajectory, that aims to help CBO’s  build credibility and legitimacy with their stakeholders, improve the accountability and service orientation in their operations and thereby be able to gather support from civil society and government towards local social development.

The capacity building trajectory is therefore organised as a learning trajectory for the organisation that  combines training, coaching Mentoring and handholding activity while building a community of changemakers who shall learn and contribute to each other’s success through peer learning networks.As a process that aims at organisational  development, the activities  build the capacity of different teams within the organisation.

Therefore, the capacity building intervention is not a standalone training, but an investment by Smile Foundation for a period of 6-8 months in the participating NGOs/ CBOs so as to overcome the barrier related to attitude, knowledge and skills while mobilising resources for their sustainability.


CtGI offers blended-learning programs – a combination of online (via the CtGA global site) and classroom learning. The training is offered in both formats: face-to-face and Virtual Training. The training is customised to meet the need of a variety of grass roots organisations (CBOs/ NGOs/ Social enterprises, SHG groups, Producer groups ,Collectives or Youth led initiatives across the country.

Mobilising Support ( MS )

Mobilising Support is designed on the principles of the Experiential Learning Process and is delivered in three phases of 5+3+2 days conventionally, as the course progresses with putting the learning into practice. The three stages are called MS Induction Course (5 days)- Perfection Course (3 days) and Completion Course (2 days). The total full fledged course has approximately 40 sessions of 2 hours duration each, consisting of topics such as Problem Analysis, Solution Tree, Stakeholder Analysis, Understanding Policy Decision making, Negotiations skills, Messaging and making presentations, Making MS Plan , Piloting of the plan and Evaluation of the plan implemented.

The training is preceded by a 2-day workshop with the leadership of CBO’s .The total duration of the program takes 6-8 months once the participants are onboard and is therefore an intensive capacity building intervention. The training is followed by an intensive coaching and mentoring process supporting the organisations to apply the learning.

Local Fundraising (LFR)

This course is designed to improve the knowledge, skills and attitude of participants towards fundraising from in-country resources. The training is structured into 20 sessions of 1.5- 2 hours that take trainees through theory, analysis, planning and skills required for fundraising. Topics covered include donor profiling and prospecting, active listening, pitching, developing fundraising and event plans, developing teams, and donor appreciation.

The course involves a 6-8 months journey after participant onboarding and includes a leadership orientation program, fundraising training, coaching/mentoring for 6-8 weeks including a webinar in between and a joint learning exchange activity towards the end of the program.

About CtGA Youth

CtGA Youth is an Initiative by Change the Game Academy and KidsRights and implemented in India by Smile Foundation. It aims to support young people(13-24 yrs)  in independently developing and implementing projects and advocating for social change. These youth  are then connected with their peers from other countries through a digital platform thereby creating a community of global changemakers.

As a part of the program, the Chapter Leads selected from India are trained and coached on carefully curated modules on Local Fundraising and Mobilising Support along with coaching support. The training is customised to the needs of the youth to successfully pilot their projects and organisations. CtGA Youth was launched in 2020 with a batch of 5 Chapter Leaders from Tamil Nadu, Haryana, Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh.

Distinctive Features

Partner with Us

Smile Foundation  is constantly looking to partner with like-minded organisations to –

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  • Sponsor or support trainings/ cohort for your partner organisations.

If you wish to partner with us on any or all of the above, reach out to us at
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