Workshop conducted on Local Fundraising

Under its Empowering Grassroots initiative, Smile Foundation conducted a comprehensive workshop on Local Fundraising (LFR) for seven grassroots organisations from across the country.
The training covered a wide range of topics, including understanding the concept and significance of LFR, exploring different sources of income, donor identification & appreciation, effective communication, institutional fundraising, proposal writing, and creating organizational collaterals.

Through interactive sessions and practical exercises, participants had the opportunity to develop their LFR plans, create teams, and present their ideas. The training provided an effective platform for these organizations to enhance their fundraising efforts and achieve their goals in a sustainable manner.


CBO in Assam holds Annual Day celebrations

CBO in Assam holds Annual Day celebrations

Under the guidance of the Smile Foundation’s Empowering Grassroots programme, CBO Shishu Sarothi in Guwahati, Assam, successfully transformed their annual celebration into a dynamic resource mobilizing event. Not only did the event raise awareness about Shishu Sarothi’s impactful work, but it also served as a platform to attract new donors and strengthen relationships with existing supporters.
Shishu Sarothi, since its establishment in 1987, has made remarkable strides towards building an inclusive society where every individual is treated with dignity, irrespective of their abilities. Through collaborative efforts and innovative initiatives, Smile Foundation continues to empower grassroots organizations like Shishu Sarothi, enabling them to drive positive change and create a sustainable future for the communities they serve.

CBO in Maharashtra conducts food fair for local support

CBO in Maharashtra conducts food fair for local support

Smile Foundation, under its Empowering Grassroots initiative, equipped Action for Women and Rural Development (AWARD) with essential practices and skills for local fundraising. AWARD is dedicated to transformative work in Satara, Sangli, and Raigad districts of Maharashtra, focusing on sustainable agriculture, Adivasi community livelihoods, water conservation, sanitation, kitchen gardens, women empowerment, and environmental education in schools.

The training and mentoring received under the ’empowering grassroots’ programme of Smile Foundation guided AWARD to organize a food fair in Satara district, allowing visitors to support their cause while enjoying the local produce. Along with supporting AWARD in increasing their donor base, the event also facilitated meaningful communication and strengthened ties with the local community.

International Training of Trainers in Ethiopia

Empowering Grassroots Programme team participated in an international Training of Trainers (ToT) in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. 49 trainers from 11 countries – Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Gambia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Kenya, Nepal, South Africa, Uganda, Ghana and India received intensive training on fundraising from local in-country resources.

Led by experienced trainers and co-trainers from various countries, this 11-day residential program was aimed at empowering participants to become catalysts of change in their own countries. By enhancing their capacity, the training hopes to create a ripple effect as participants share their expertise and build a network of empowered trainers, who will drive positive change from the grassroots up.

Training for partners of Bharat Rural Livelihood Foundation

Training for partners of Bharat Rural Livelihood Foundation

Smile Foundation, under its Empowering Grassroots programme, organised a Training Trajectory on Local Fundraising for eight partner organisations of Bharat Rural Livelihoods Foundation from Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh, in Ranchi. This training programme helped social entrepreneurs who are working at the grassroots level, to adapt to sustainable ways of raising funds through effective communication, strong leadership and good governance thereby increasing transparency and accountability.

The initiative was aimed at helping them to gain credibility and support, in addition to encouraging them to become self-sufficient by honing their skills in identifying, accessing and mobilizing locally available resources.

Trainers’ Refresher for Quality Enhancement

A Trainers’ Refresher was held under the Empowering Grassroots programme to enhance the programme quality and focused on reflecting, sharing, and learning as a team. The overall result of the Trainers’ Refresher was an enhanced understanding of the programme goals and values and improved coordination among the trainers to ensure a better learning experience for the participants.

Smile Foundation, through the Empowering Grassroots programme, helps develop small social initiatives towards local sustainability and self-reliance.