Privileged Children

Child for Child Testimonials

Ananya Arora

Ananya Arora Choudhary

Principal DAV School, Kolkata

“Thanks to Smile Foundation for coming to our school and it is a great privilege to work alongside the Foundation because it is working with such good objective. I feel Smile is doing an excellent job in its field and the association with our school has given the privileged children an opportunity to interact with the underprivileged children and understand their hardships.”


Guru Amar Das Public School, Jalandhar

“Cinema as an art form is a reflection of life, hence it becomes a powerful medium to impact the impressionable minds of the children. We all know that visual effects of a medium is much more than any other medium so it is a commendable effort of Smile Foundation in bringing meaningful cinema to classrooms. It helps us in imparting value education through a normal idea. I appreciate this initiative of Smile Foundation and with them all the best.”

Vinita V. Bower

Principal, New Apostolic English High School, Nagpur

”I take this opportunity to congratulate and give my best wishes to Smile Foundation for visiting our school, and encouraging and motivating our students. Our school is happy to associate Smile Foundation towards the cause of supporting downtrodden children. I pledge my support to your organisation for the coming years.”

Elizabeth Vasan

Principal, B.V. Bhavan's Narayan sCHOOL, gOA

“It is very heartening to know that the students of Bhavan’s have a good heart. They participated very enthusiastically during the value education workshop and came out in support of the underprivileged. It is a very healthy sign. We are very grateful to Smile Foundation for the good work they are doing for educating the deserving underprivileged children and glad to be associated with them.”

SM Joshi

Director, Modern (Primary) School, Nagpur

“The work being done by Smile Foundation is laudable. Our school, all the students and their parents, are now sensitized towards their social responsibility. It’s particularly heartening to see the parents’ willingness to stand up for social causes. We are all doing our bit, and will be doing so in the future too.”

Rajendra Mishra

Principal, Central India Public School, Kapsi, Nagpur

“It was indeed a memorable moment for all of us in our school, to attend the value education session, conducted by Smile Foundation. Our students were highly motivated and their response was beyond our imagination. We are certain that Smile Foundation will succeed in its mission.”

Rosabel David

Principal, Akshayah Matriculation Higher Sec School, Chaennai

“We are glad to be a part of Smile Foundation’s mission to empower masses through education and we appreciate the efforts of the organization in catering to the needs of the society. We have made it mandatory to inculcate generosity among students in our school and are happy to support this noble act by the organization through our contribution.”

Anju Puri

Principal, DAV Public School, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi

“We would like to put on record our sincere appreciation for the programme initiated by your organization in our school. The ‘Self Defence Workshop’ boosted the confidence of our students by making them aware of their strength and power to protect themselves in today’s insecure and violent scenario of our society.
We are extremely grateful for an interactive session on Child Abuse organized during the programme. It gave an opportunity to our students to realize that they must not submit to child abuse nor should they consider themselves guilty for it. The workshop was an eye opener for students and teachers alike as it explored varied forms of child abuse and made efforts in arriving at solutions in dealing with it.

A D'Souza

Headmaster, Mission School, Jatani, Khurda, Odisha

“We, the Mission School Family, Jatni, Odisha appreciate the noble cause you, Smile Foundation serve by providing health and education to the underprivileged children of our society. We feel privileged to be a small part of this worthy effort. Keep up the good work!”

Girija Chand

Principal, DPS Kalinmga Adhalia, Phulnakhara Dist, Cuttack

“No amount of money can compensate the smile? of a child. In the educational process, in the present day system of high sophistication and specialization, there is an unprecedented demand for effective teachers to lead the multitudes of school children on the path of enrichment and progress embedded with values. Delhi Public School in general and DPS Kalinga in particular aims at values and consider them to be important and fundamental dimensions of an individual. They are also good objects for which people orient their thinking, action and feeling. The values not only determine the aims but these are helpful to decide about the means to achieve those aims. Values determine the choice men make and the ends they live for.