Providing Relief in Chennai

The southern coast of India saw the worst torrential rainfall ever in the month of November 2015. The heavy rainfall continued from the 8th of November till the 14th of December 2015. The annual rainfall proved to be catastrophic and one of the costliest calamities to have occurred in the year 2015, leading to more than 500 deaths and displacing more than 1.8 million people. Chennai was the worst affected.

The waters had reached to such levels that people were trapped in their own homes and since the roads were blocked due to the overflowing water there was a lack of clean drinking water and lack of food, shelter and health care services.


Smile Foundation in collaboration with Pepsi Co., Quaker oats and 10 other NGO partners provided much needed relief to the people stranded in their own homes due to the heavy floods.

Relief work was started in eight different locations in Chennai and drinking water, packed food, other urgent supplies and survival kits were provided. The aim was to reach to as many people as possible. Over 10-15 health camps were conducted every day, benefitting more than 800 people per camp across the city. Volunteers were identified who worked tirelessly night and day and rescue teams were deployed to help people out of places which were filled with water.

Project Highlights

  1. Relief operations conducted in two phases: phase I was Intensive Relief Operations which was concluded and Phase II is Health Based Rehabilitation Support which is still ongoing.

  2. Approximately 756000 liters of water and 37780 kg of food was distributed.

  3. Approximately 378000 people benefitted through water distribution and 188900 people benefitted through food items distribution.

  4. Smile on Wheels deployed to provide free health care services to the affected people.

  5. More than 2000 people were provided services such as OPD sessions, diagnosis tests, and free medicines every day.

  6. Awareness sessions on how to be safe from water borne diseases and follow healthy habits to be safe from diseases were attended by both men and women.


In 2014, A Total Of 12,000 People Benefitted Grom The Initiative

4500 Students Received Benefit From School Health Programs

Over 100 Ice Activities Were Conducted Lat Year, Benefitting More Than 6500 People

In The First Month Of The Commencement Of The Static Clinic Program A Total of 265 People Benefited Of Which 57% Beneficiaries Were Woman