Nutrition for child victims of the Kosi floods

The Kosi floods, which in 2008 affected more than 3.3 million people, causing hundreds of deaths, flooding over 900 villages and damaging more than 200,000 houses, were one of the worst in India. Around 18 districts of Bihar were devastated in the flood.

Reacting immediately to the emergency, a 35 strong team from Smile Foundation travelled across the flood affected districts in north eastern Bihar, to facilitate relief work and help the victims. A need assessment survey indicated that children below five years of age were the worst sufferers during the tragedy. Not getting sufficient nutrition and living in extremely hazardous conditions, these infants were constantly in danger of losing their lives.

Realizing the gravity of the situation, Smile Foundation, with a focus on the worst affected areas of Madhepura, Araria and Purnia districts, decided to provide the required nutrition supplements to these kids, in form of milk powder. The base station was set up at Katihar and Lactogen L-3 (milk powder) were distributed in different camps across these three districts, including the camp at Mirchiwadi, the worst affected region.