Berger Paints collaborates with Smile Foundation to empower young painters of the nation through the iTrain on Wheels program

Berger Paints India Limited has partnered with Smile Foundation to implement their iTrain on Wheels program – an upskilling initiative aimed at honing the skills of young painters by training them in contemporary painting techniques while simultaneously upskilling existing painters in order to enhance their employability opportunities. The program aims to develop a pool of skilled workforce in addition to developing entrepreneurial skills in painters.

The training to be conducted through the Smile Twin e-learning Programme (STeP) will ensure that painters get an opportunity to improve their existing skills through upskilling modules. In addition to facilitation of training, Smile Foundation will also monitor and evaluate the program and its impact assessment.

Since 2021, Smile Foundation is associated with the iTrain on Wheels Programme of Berger Paints and trained painters across the country presently training is imparted through mobile iTrain vans in 24 states over 100+ remote sites.

The iTrain initiative aims to empower painters by honing their skills thereby opening a plethora of job opportunities for them.