Youth in Kolkata get job based training

Kolkata, a major metropolitan city of India has been growing at a fast rate over the past few decades but the development has also bought along with it hoards of problems. Youth from the rural areas and neighboring states have been pouring into the city which has given rise to major problems of unemployment because they are unskilled and uneducated most of the times or partially educated. These youth get involved into daily wage earning to make both ends meet. The actual potential of the youth in these situations remain untapped.

This project aims to improve the living conditions of these youth and their families by imparting skill based education and empowering them to attain white collar jobs. Under this project basic management and retail skills, personality development skills, spoken English training, computer skills and other soft skills is imparted.

Smile Foundation has partnered with Sunderban Banamalipur Research and Development Centre (SBDRC) for the implementation of this STeP project.