Youth in Chennai get a chance at empowerment and employment

Old Washermanpet locally known as “Pazhaya Vannarapettai” is located in the northern part of Chennai, a city situated on the east coast of the southern India. There are 8 major slums with 1.5 lakh population in the area. Majority of the population are migrants from different districts of Tamil Nadu. Most of them are into rag picking; daily wage labors in construction fields and group employees. A survey in the slums reveal more than 55,000 youth who have completed their 7th and 10th class and remain as unskilled laborers. Hence a lot of potential is lost in the process and people continue living in their old settings.

This project aims to focus on a certain syllabus of Management training, spoken English course, personality development, retail management skills etc so that hidden abilities of the candidate can be pulled out. The program also strives to improve or enhance the skills of the candidates by proving other soft skills and to improve the quality life of the poor candidate by placing them in organized sectors.